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  1. hjabg123

    Blonde advice please!

    Hello all :) My client is a natural blonde who previously had a koleston 9/0 + 30vol all over application on his roots and lightened ends. He isn't happy with the result and is hoping to achieve as close to the reference image below as possible, a light natural dimensional sandy blonde. My...
  2. H

    Wella formula help

    Hi all! *see pic below* Can someone advise wella formula to go over a level 10 blonde to get this lovely root smudge shade? Thanks!
  3. Zinatrix

    Wella autumn/winter colour

    Hey geeks, this is one of my clients, who wants to go darker for Winter. Just wanted to know everyone’s opinion on how they would achieve this. I use mostly Wella colour. Thanks in advance. :)
  4. S

    Need help correcting hair that has gone too ashy and dark

    So i let my friend practice using wella colour i wanted a natural dirty blonde thats close to my hair colour but is lighter. We chose wella illumina 7.81 and she mixed it with 9.0 to lighten the tone with 1.9% developer (i had ligjt golden blonde colour treated hair) The colour seemed to turn...
  5. H

    Wella blondes toned down

    My client is wanting to tone her blonde down and go to more of a base 7, I have attached pictures of her hair now and what she’s wanting, I use wella. What would you guys reccomend I do? I don’t want it to fade too quickly but I don’t want to pre pig
  6. C


  7. C

    Wella colour change up

    Hello, My client wants a change up.. last time we added foils throughout as well as a root colour in between (6/71 + 12g 5/0) and toned with 12g 7/97 + 6g 7/86 + 6g 6/71 (roots) and 7g 9/03 + 7g 7/03 (ends) this time she wants to go more chestnutty, like the image attached, the colour on the...
  8. H

    Colour help

    Hello! My client is wanting this colour. She has had it done elsewhere and it is very bleached/pourus and damaged! She is a level 10 I’m thinking a 7/97 colour touch to get this colour with 1.9%, will this grab on her pourus hair? Thanks in advance!
  9. Y

    Koleston Me+

    I haven’t used Wella but years ago I took a class and always kept koleston in the back of my mind. Has anyone seen any differences between the old KP and the Me+? I saw in an older thread that Me+ might oxidizing quicker but, now that it’s been out for a couple years, has anyone had any issues...
  10. L

    Platinum blonde to brunette: hair filling done wrong in my head

    Hi I’m new here! And I’m having a terrible issue: I have been doing my platinum blonde bleached for 3 years now and I decided I wanted to grow my hair. I had about 4 inches of regrowth. My bleach work I always did it with Olaplex tone it with Koleston illumina. As soon as I decided to go dark...
  11. C

    Highlights and grey hair Wella

    I have a new client- she has a lot of grey hair and doesn’t want to embrace it yet! I’ll add pics of her hair and the sort of thing she’s aiming for. She hates the grey and wants that covered! I’m thinking of doing a full head of highlights, and a colour inbetween and then a root smudge toner...
  12. Z

    Wella or Crazy Colour pastel tones on natural white hair! Help

    Hiya hoping for some advice I always use wella colours and have used their instamatic range on clients I've pre lightened with bleach before and feel fairly confident, but I have a client with virgin white hair who wants to try a pastel purple (muted mauve or smokey amethyst) on her hair which...
  13. L

    Help with Wella Koleston Perfect me + special mix?

    Just getting started in hair colouring as I'm more focused on skincare. Did some research on wella koleston as a friend offered to help me out and picked a shade she liked. For special mix, do I have to mix it with another colour creme too? I successfully bleached her hair and have ordered...
  14. H

    Colour recommendations, Wella only

    Hi guys! mum client is a base 9 - 10 all over and she’s wanting to tone it down a little like the picture shown, I was thinking a wella colour touch can anyone recommend what colour to use? thanks! X
  15. C

    Wella colour and technique help!

    Hello, I have a client that is naturally around a base 5, then has old colour build up and lighter ends. I will attach the photo of what she has and what she’s wanting (to be done after lockdown). She also mentions she wants to get rid of the line where the two colours meet. And really likes...
  16. D

    Help with brass

    my client whilst in lockdown has bleached her hair 3 times. Natural level 4. Hair didnt lift well she went orange and has since used an ash blonde box dye. Which is extremely brassy. She wants to stay as light as possible but ive refused to bleach anymore as hair is compromised. I use wella I...
  17. H

    Ice white Wella

    Hello! Just after abit of toner help.. I’ve been bleaching my boyfriends hair in lockdown, his hair lifts to an level 10 and he likes it ice white so I’ve been using CT 10/6 when I give him a fresh toner every week it goes a nice white colour But when I tone it after a full head of bleach it...
  18. D

    Help needed with blonde

    hi guys Looking for some advice client has done an at home bleach on roots over regrowth so virgin hair, she has very white ends so has ended up with a yellow/orange band. Natural hair level 6 Anyway so she wants to stay light as poss I was thinking (I use wella) the 12/16 to lighten the...
  19. G

    Wella toners

    Hey Guys! I wanted to find out what wella toners everyone loves? i always go for the standard 10/16 koleston perfect, but i wanted to see if anyone else uses any other shades. Most of my clients are young and wanting to lightest of blonde shades, therefore i use this shade as it isnt any what...
  20. D

    Wella Illumina 10/69

    Hi all first post! While in quarantine my sister has lightened her hair with blonder soft blonde cream. She’s wanting to get to wella illumina 10/69. Is this base light enough or would she need to lift again? Thank you