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  1. Hairbysam

    Wella illumina 10/69

    Hi, This is my first post so firstly I would like to say hi 👋 I have read some amazing posts on here so I am hoping someone can help me please! I have used Wella illumina 10/69 with 1.9 pastel 1:2 left on for 10 mins I lifted the hair to a level 10 previously and the results after the...
  2. Eldaril

    Wella vs Schwarzkopf which one for colours

    Hi guys, I have been working with Goildwell for 7 years and they become in the last 2 years a bit of disappointment for me when it comes to their scratch cards as a offers, and lots of discontinued products and rebranding old ones and forcing you to buy whole new line again :) So I Swapped over...
  3. M

    Mixing Wella koleston for copper hair

    Hey! I need some help. I currently use wella koleston 7/43 with their welloxon 6. It comes out pretty brown with copper tones which is unusal For me as my hair holds copper well. My hair is probably level 4/5 mousy boring brown and I want a more vibrant copper without lightening too much...
  4. Z

    Little mermaid hair wella

    I have a client base 4 / 5 natural Virgin hair wanting little mermaid hair lol this is her red inspo pic I was thinking bleach hair up then apply colour touch wella 77/45 or 66/45 would you guys do same or think I should use another wella colour ? Thanks
  5. H

    Wella T18 question…

    Hey guys! So, my mom lightened her own hair and toned it with wella T18. Well, it’s too ashy for her taste. It’s silvery and ashy. I’m not the best with toners and am a little lost to be honest. Does she need to re-tone it? I recommended she use 10 volume developer but I’m not sure what wella...
  6. L

    Blonde toners

    What would you recommend for a toner to achieve this blonde? Any brands let me know
  7. Z

    Wella/pre pig help pleaseee

    Hiya this is my clients hair she is about a base 7 naturally but we have been scalp bleaching for the last 2 years then toning to be pink. She has seen 55/65 and loves it, she literally has a few greys... sooo I was thinking to pre pig her mids and ends obviously as its sooo porous then apply...
  8. AJonesMobile

    Balayage / Colour Correction

    Hi Guys, I have a lady booked for next week for 'balayage' however this is most deffinately a colour correction 🤣 I think I am over thinking things and how now thought of 100s of different formulas and possible outcomes but my brains frazzled 😂 Attached is photos of her hair now and her desired...
  9. Z

    Wella formula help

    Hi guys what wella formula would you use for root and as a toner for ends of this photo attached Thanks so much
  10. C

    Wella Colour Touch pink rinse tone

    Hi there! My client is 95% gray and is asking for the pinky/lilac colour in the photo. I highly doubt bleaching is going to be an option and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with this formula. I'm thinking colour touch might work well 10/0 + a touch of /65 or even 10/6 added as...
  11. D

    Going from red to brown using Wella

    Hello! I just discovered this website and I hope I can find some help. I'm still learning about hair and have been trying to dye my own hair at home during this pandemic. I currently have copper hair (Igora 9-7), and I want to transition to a chocolate brown color, I'be been researching the...
  12. G

    Orange/brassy brown to ash brown

    My mother has bleached her hair from a 2 to a brassy 7/8 and then dyed it brown with wkp 6/71. It’s come out brassy as she used a 20 vol developer. She then went on to ‘embrace’ the brass by dying it all 6/7 when she bleached her roots a month later. Brassier now, and with red tints to add...
  13. yellowmess

    Fixing bright bleached roots, gold, darker or peach (Wella Illumina)

    First: I am not a pro,... and I am only hurting myself with experimentation, and I know very basic colourist language. I am reading this forum for 3 years already, just today created an account because I need some help. I am natural 4-5 (brown to dark brown, with 1/5 gray). I am expat in very...
  14. Jencam

    Wella help please?

    Hi ...I'm hoping someone can help with my rollercoaster of a mess hair colour. I qualified as a hairdresser in 1990 but only worked a couple of years, therefore little experience. Three yrs ago I went through breast cancer ( mastectomy, chemo, radio, hormone treatment & forced menopause) &...
  15. hjabg123

    Beige blonde advice please!

    Hello all, Was hoping someone could provide me with some advice with regards to warmer tones as I usually work with cool tones. My partner's hair (I am a qualified stylist) is currently pre-lightened to a 10 pale yellow and is looking to be a dimensional blonde level 8/9 - something close to...
  16. E

    Blonde balayage

    Hey everyone I’ve attached me some images a below. Just wondering what technique you would use to achieve this xx
  17. S

    Wella purple

    Hi got a new client coming in for colour...it’s short and atm quite bright purple. She is naturally about base 6 with about 20% grey. She says previous salon used revlon colour and then colour ball after. I use Wella and would normally bleach or highlight it first to get it bright but she says...
  18. H

    Wella Colour Touch or Colour Touch Plus?

    I have a client who is a natural level 7, she just has a full head colour I do 6/0 colour touch with 1.9%, I put it on wet. She loves the colour but finds it washes up really warm/orange and I don’t understand why? She did have some highlights a few years ago so don’t know if that’s what keeps...
  19. E

    Adding depth to blonde hair

    Hey, so I never colour my own hair but am going to this week. I was very blonde but over lockdown I toned the blonde down and my hair has grown out quite a bit. I want to add quite a lot of depth to it but keep some blonde, especially framing my face. I’ve gone a little brass and ideally want...
  20. L


    Hi all! Hope you’re all well? I have a client coming in December, she has around 3 inches of root growth. She’s a natural level 5 but she usually lifts to a clean 9 (she’s always had a full head of back to back highlights) She’s sent me this photo of what she wants. I’m thinking full head of...