1. Kat_cuts

    Which colour brand?

    So ive got a new job and in this new salon i have to supply my own colours! Exciting! But im unsure of what to use, i currently use a mix of wella and milkshake in the salon im about to leave. But ive been looking in the suppliers and XP100 and Rusk are both cheaper than wella but are they as...
  2. Brittanyrose608

    Wella pre pig

    Was wondering if anyone could help me? I’ve died my hair with wella 7.1 and the ends have turned out quite green. I was thinking of maybe using a colour remover and going over with wella 7.73! Do you reckon I’d need to pre pig and if so what with? Thanks I’m advance x
  3. A

    Toner help

    Please recommends what brand toners you prefer? Im looking for a silver tone for blonde and a nice brown for a colour melt? Also what bleach/peroxide do you recommend for balayage? Please help im newly qualified.
  4. M

    Going gray

    How would you tackle taking this client gray to match her roots? She wants to grow out her gray so she doesn’t have to keep covering it up. I haven’t done this before as I normally just do cuts. The color line I use is Kenra and also some Wella. Her hair is a level 7/8. I was thinking I...
  5. EssSh

    Wella Illumina as toner?

    Hi! I am looking for some advice on using wella illumina as a toner. I’m used to toning with color touch. I know you can’t mix the two, but has anyone used a permanent on the base and demi on mids? Or vice versa? Would you put illumina 10/38 on a level 9-10 yellow orange for a beigey blonde...
  6. E

    Platinum blonde with dark roots

    Hey Geeks! I’m doing a friend of mines hair tomorrow, she Currently has highlights and so her hair is fairly light a base 6/7/8 in places with a dark root. She wants to go even lighter to a platinum/grey blonde, with a darker blended root. I’ve told her it’s a process and I will lift her as...
  7. B

    Canceling brass/yellow base break

    Hi, So I have a client that is about a level 7 naturally, highlighted to about a level 9. We tried a base bump/ base brake on her, about an inch of new growth. I used schwarzkopf blondme lifting ice, which I’ve used on other clients around the same level and it shifts well and less warmth. This...
  8. K

    Colouring over a few red highlights?

    Hi guys, so I had a client today who wanted to try something new.. she's 90% grey and wanted some red highlights on top (literally a scattered few) she now has decided she doesn't like it with the grey and wants to go for an all over blonde. So like an 8 level. I used 77/46 for her highlights...
  9. P

    Wella Illumina or Koleston

    Hi. My natural hair color is base 6. Right now I have to bleach the roots, usually I tone it with CT 10/81 and 9/16. I would like to start to melt my roots with the rest. I am thinking to put Wella Illumina 8/69 with 6% developer or 8/69 with 1/4 10/69. I was thinking also about 9/81 of...
  10. S

    Lifting a level 5 with no orange

    Hello, I have a level 5 client who pulls orange. I try to get her to a level 8 but may have to drop her down to a level 7 to help lesson warmth. Using Wella I was planning 7/2 + 8/1 with a dash of /88 mixed with 20 volume. Any other Wella users out there have suggestions for lifting level 5s...
  11. MilburnL

    Client has given me an image, need advice on what toner

    I thought of maybe using the wella 10/16 Anybody else have a better idea?
  12. Ditzydorey101

    Wella metallic formulas

    Hi geeks! I wondered if you guys could help me? I’m planning a photo shoot and I’m really drawn to metallics. I’ve been googling formulas and I’ve not been very successful! Do you guys have any Wella formulas that I could try out? I’ve attached two pictures to give an idea of what I mean but...
  13. Tonidoesmyhair

    Silver fox

    My client wants to be silver. I just picked up the Kenra 8sm and 10sm. I’m just wondering can I use redken 10 vol with those?
  14. H

    Rusk developer and Wella toner?

    Hi, I’m still currently a student...almost graduating !!! Yayyy I have a friend coming over to get some highlights through her hair. I love Wella toners so far and the rusk shine enhancing balancing lotion. I was wondering if anyone has tried using it as a developer for Wella toners yet ? I’m...
  15. L

    Perming - winding techniques

    Hi all I'm a newly qualified stylist, I'm gonna be practicing my perming techniques as I havnt done many, just wanted to know, what winding pattern would you suggest to achieve loose curls on a shoulder length haired client? I plan to use the wella intense wave :) Tia x
  16. MariaTvb

    Wella Blondor on scalp bleach

    Hello! Is it ok to use 1:1 blondor with 6% on scalp to get platinum white blonde? Thank you!
  17. MariaTvb

    Wella Extra Cool White Blonde

    Hello! Has anyone tried Wella Extra Cool powder? What do you think about it? Is it worth it? what ratio you're usually using? Thank youuu:):)
  18. MariaTvb

    Wella blondor ratio help

    Hello! I'm naturally a level 4 and I've been bleaching my hair to get that perfect platinum white hair for years. Can you please help me with an opinion which would be better for on scalp bleach? a)Wella blondor 1:1.5(half 6%, half 9%) b)Wella blondor 1:1(6%) I've never tried this ratio 1:1...
  19. Tinytotx

    Wella Color Create

    For those who have worked with Wella’s Color Create.. I have a client looking for bubblegum pink hair. Color create is my preference of semi permanent fashion colour, however, it is fairly pricy for clients. I’ve seen folk dilute other semi brands like Crazy Color and Directions using...
  20. S

    Silver hair help?

    I’ve been struggling to keep a nice silver on my clients hair! I do scalp application bleach with 20vol, her hair throws off so much warmth! Process for full 50 mins and is bright yellow.. I’ve then been tonight with kenra Sv and then using Schwarzkopf silver, which comes out nice but has been...