2012 Hair Trends


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Oct 12, 2011
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Hey all lovely hair geeks! As it is the start of a new season and high spring I for one feel this is the time many start thinking about and wanting a change. What do you think are the major trends this year in hair length, colour and styles? Lets share our ideas and inspirations for 2012.

Here are some of mine that caught my eye, I will say more later:

- I think the ombré look will still be popular but a bit more subtle of just some shades lighter, the messy roots grown out but not dark brown roots and blonde ends but rather just a few shades.

- Honey blonde and more natural blonde shades rather than peroxide blonde that are not flat but rather full off various colour tones

- The 70s soft, bouncy and free flowing curls on long natural hair inspired by the 70s revival seen across the catwalks

- Messy low masculine ponytails

- The "wet look" hair and un-styled hair as seen at Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang that kind of looks like you just got out of the shower and put your hair up

- Small braids scattered throughout hair or worn around head. Also 70s inspired.

Overall quite messy and free flowing looking, effortless.
Statement Fringes!!!

Good old Cheryl is sporting one now.... I've been doing loads lately!

Totally agree with the softer blondes.

And bouncy curls....... I'm in love with my Velcro rollers - effortless!

Why have I only just started using them?!

Oh yeah fringes! Everyone is cutting a fringe at the moment and I just cut mine too! It is a great way to have a quick change. See a lot of blunt fringes both long and short.
I'm not sure how well I can do 'messy' ....I will apply perfectly then leave it up to them :lol:

Whatever the trend, I'm hoping everyone will want some gorgeous long locks regardless! :wink2:


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