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Apr 9, 2010
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Can anybody tell me what 3D lashes are please?
I was on a course last week and another girl mentioned 3d lashes and I have no idea what they are! She said they are very very full lashes as if you have the glue on ones in! I would love to offer this to clients!

i am so glad you have asked this!

i am still needing to do my lash case studies (several months after doing the actual training day due to various case study pictures not being good enough and being busy with children and home etc) and i had a text from a friend of one of my case studies and she said 'are they 3d?' and i was sat thinking to myself well yes they do stand out :s i haven't a clue what 3d lashes are so i too would love to know! :D x
Hi girls,

I use 3D lashes and trained with AH Francis. Check out their website!

xx :)

i know it can be a bit confusing. Some companies use the name 3D lashes to describe the effect that they give. But it is also an american brand name and ah francis stock some of their products.

i did my training with them and they were fab!

hth x
they sound just like the flirties lashes i trained with :\ i'm confused :s x
I think it's just a brand name? Don't know that the technique or finished look is anything different. Would be interested to hear other opinions though.
I did my semi permanent training with Glam Lash and thinking of doing the AH Francis express lashes to compare products and maybe get a different take on things. Not have much luck contacting them so far but will report back if I get anywhere.......
I think this girl thinks its something else then!
The way it was described to me was that it was like thick strip lashes but on a semi permanent basis. Looked on the AH Francis site at the pics under 3d lashes and its not the same as what we are both thinking!

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