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Jan 8, 2004
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South Yorkshire
I've been doing nails for about a year and it may surprise some of you guys but tonight I was asked to do a set of natural overlays for the first time ever !!! I did manage to pass myself off as an experienced overlay tech but I was really nervous bout doing them ! I know this sounds daft cos I am able to do tips no probs.
Please can someone just give me a few pointers for things to look out for / do when I am asked to do another set.
Oh, my client went away very happy even though her nail tech was poohing her pants !!!!!!
Thank you.
:lol: ;) :lol: ;) :lol: ;)
Whenever I do a natural nail overlay, I find it useful to use a sculpting form for each nail --

Using the form allows you a little more freedom of movement and also encourages the product to extend just a tad beyond the free edge. This little extra keeps the prouct strong at the tip and helps to avoid product chipping away from the free edge if the nail suffers an impact.

Using the form also helps at the final finishing to get a perfect shape for all 10 nails as natural nails are seldom all perfectly shaped.
Thank you for your helpful comments.
Think I may have to have some tutoring at Creative on how to use forms properly, cos up til now I've only experimented with the onesa you get in the retention + starter kit.
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