Advertising from tablet in salon?

Discussion in 'Business' started by Julesbeauty, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Julesbeauty
    What are peoples thoughts to playing a slideshow of photos with treatments/offers from my tablet. Would have it on a display for clients to see whilst waiting and have nails done?

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  2. CFBS
    Excellent idea.
  3. Trinity
    Many years ago when electronic photo frames were all the rage I used one of those instead. Loaded all my photos and just let it play over and over. No chance of damaging a tablet, photo frames are cheaper to replace :eek:
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  4. squidgernetball
    I’ve done this. A great talking point x
  5. MissJulesBeauty
    Me too. It works very well x
  6. MissJulesBeauty
    Just noticed we have very similar business names x
  7. Trinity
    Really? I'm Trinity Nails, have been since 2004. I'm in Brighton but currently being driven mad by phone calls from Leeds who have a shopping centre called the Trinity Centre with a nail bar in it so everyone is googling Trinity Nails and phoning me. They get pretty shirty when I deny offering student discounts and say I'm not open over the weekends until I realise they are calling from Leeds not Sussex.
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  8. salongal
    I suggest a large TV (or two) running a slideshow from a laptop

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