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gillian w

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Oct 4, 2006
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I don't know the sort of advertisements that everyones local paper carries but my local one really annoys me.
It every week carries at least two pages of people advertising their sexual favours quite often very explicitly.
I had the salesman ring me the other day to ask me if i would like to advertise in the paper.I said no and after i hung up thought that i wish i had asked where exactly he would put me..before or after the lusty, busty housewives or the fella that does aromatherapy with assisted jacuzzi.
I think it outrageous that a local paper can carry such blatant adverts that would be removed from elsewhere as in phone boxes.
totally agree.

theirs a hypnotherapist that has an advert in the personal services section alongside lonely housewife seeks fun, etc, and every week I think why do they still adverstise as its in such a crappy place.
The worst ones are the ones that actually pretend to have some kind of credibility,like aromatherapy or thai massage and they are blatantly not providing genuine treatment i know i could never advertise any kind of massage in there .If you put in there Indian Head massage can you imagine:lol:
Im not a prude but i call for more segregation.Or to be honest i dont think prostitutes services have any place in a local paper.
Our local paper is beyond reproach! The personal column has nothing like that in it :green: (I do live a sheltered life here lol)

Totally agree with you though :)

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