advice on different nail tips pleeaaase


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Jun 24, 2007
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Im about to finish my beauty therapy course in 2 weeks and have only ever used millenium square tips i have been loking on ebay and there seem to be so many other tips available could anyone out htere please enlighten me as to what the other tips are for and there benefits if this isnt to much to ask (doing intensive course and they not realy covering the different tips and what they are for) many thanks also am i doing the right thing buying millenium or is there other brands out there people can reccomend to me.:rolleyes:

sorry to witter on just trying to learn it all:lol:

What i will say is dont be tempted to buy tips from ebay,
just because it says they are a certain top brand, dosnt mean to say thats what they are really selling, they can easily put cheapo tips in a box!!

I personally like tips with a small well or you can buy tips that fits all nail shapes, i know creative do one or two but not sure what they are called ( im not creative trained) I sure someone can tell you on here!

I quite like star nails and i like EzFlow tips.

Tips with a deep c curve are great for ski jump nails or with clients with a natural arch
EzFlow do liesure tips that fit wide nails nicely
Yes creative do quite a variety of tips

FORMATION TIPS: A versatile tip that fits most nail shapes, has a gentle c curve, natural side arch and full contact area.

ECLIPSE TIPS: For nails with deep side walls, has a square c curve, winged contact area and unique sizes for hard to fit nails.

VELOCITY TIPS: A fast blending tip, has a micro contact area and dramatic c and side curves.

RADICAL FRENCH: A soft white version of the VELOCITY tip.

they have just brought out a new tip which i cant remember the name of, it is very thin, requires hardly any blending and is well less so you can place it as near to the free edge as you need, if you go to there website it shows you them all
i think it is
www. creativenaildesign

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