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Jun 2, 2004
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I just wanted to know if you guys had any advice on becoming a nail technician and the pros and cons of this profession. I just passed my stateboard for cosmetology, and I think that I can do manicures, pedicures, and artificial nails under the liscense but I'm not sure. Even so I'm still going to try to do an apprenticeship and get a seperate license in order to make money in a salon. I just wanted to know if you guys had any advice on getting started, what I should pay attention to , and the services that are very popular and profitable.

If you want to know why I decided to be a nail technician it was b/c of the OPI representative that came to my cosmetology class in march about their dustfree acrylic system which is really nice. I also wanted to do something in addition to hairstyling b/c it gets boring for me at times not to mention that I got the education for free and wouldnt' mind spending money on education as a nail tech. I'm a very creative person and that's why I'm attracted to these two professions. Any advice, stories, comments would be very helpful

thank you :D
Well I love doing nails and I would recommend you do more research,

and I think that I can do manicures, pedicures, and artificial nails under the liscense but I'm not sure.

I was wondeirng when you say you think you are liscensed I assume you did this on your dipolma course? - i dont know how the law stands for the USA but the Nail Geek will be able to help if he sees your thread...

Maybe you could get yourself to some Nail shows to see the systems available in in use then look to do a course with your prefered of luck with your choices

I am a Hairdresser and beauty therapist and nail technician. I dont find any of my job boring (did i mention i run both salons, am a mother, wife and trainee teacher too?)
I LoVe AlL parts of my "jobs" and i dont get bored at all. In which ever you chose to not get bored you have to keep learning, classes, customer sevice ect ect. There is so much more to these jobs that what you learn at college. To our clients we are there friend, confidant, image consultant to name just a few, with all these rolls to fulfill how can you get bored???

JMO its not just a job to me and i certainly dont do it just for money although that part is nice!!
Little Angel said:
(did i mention i run both salons, am a mother, wife and trainee teacher too?)

LOL sounds like you don't have TIME to be bored! :lol:
Hi, i would make sure you really look into what you want to do before you go ahead and book any courses. As was said previously you would be better off to go to a nail industry type show or beauty show that you could then see all the different nail enhancement techniques there are on offer.....there are alot. Then you could get all the various booklets on training and courses to find what best suits you.

Everyone will recommend someone different, but i'd say that Star Nails are pretty good, and alot of people would recommend Creative Nail Design courses as they have, ( as others do too) a very high standard of teaching. I personally wouldn't go for these one or two day courses to then expect to be good enough to prey on the public, but as long as you know you would only learn the basics on one of these courses then go for it.

No matter how long you are in the industry there is always something to learn. Just make sure you are willing to constantly do more courses and learn new techniques along the way then you will benefit from it as well as your client.

Sorry for the lecture, hope this helps.:lol:
I talked to my teacher and she said that under my cosmetology license I was allowed to do nails but that I should ask a nail salon to mentor me and learn that way instead of spending money on school.

The reason I said hair was boring is b/c i didn't do much. I started a job at the hair cuttery but don't like the kind of salon it is and I will hopefully leave at the end of the summer after i take their REDKEN COLOR classes and move to a hair salon where i would make a bigger profit in the same amount of time.

I know this is somethign I will enjoy especially nail art. BElive me I know and I've been told that education doesn't stop once you get yoru liscnese. I know that I have to take whatever classes are available and keep up with any new trends an technology in the business

thanks for the advice :biggrin:
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