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Nov 7, 2003
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Hi there

can anyone out there let me have a copy/information of the after care advice they give to their clients following extensions. all mine says is:

1 every 2-3 weeks, book in for infills
2 do not bite or pick at your nails
3 do not pull your nails off - see your technician for removal
4 always use non-acetone polish remover
5 use cuticle oil recommended by your technician to keep the nails flexible and the cuticles nourished
6 always wear rubber gloves when using strong detergents, doing household chores and gardening
7 for emergency repairs consult your technician
8 try not to file your nails, but if you do be very gentle
9 take extra care when opening car doors and putting on seat belts

I need to print out some more leaflets and thought maybe someone can add to my list of advice before i do...

many thanks

Geeg gave a fantastic post on 'After Care Instructions' in answer to a post started by Winky in the General section, post title 'Acrylic Care'. I for one will be getting it printed out.
Have sent you pm with my after care sheet you are welcome to copy and use it.

Hope it helps

Take care Dawnie

I always ask my clients first what they think they must do and not do with their fresh nails.
Another one i say is DO NOT USE THE NAILS AS TOOLS!!!!!!! opening coke cans, dialling the phone etc
Are you not supposed to dial the phone with nail enhancements on because i work on a very busy reception desk and answer over 1000 calls a day and have to dial for each phone call!! I type alot to but i recently asked for a new keyboard as they are so much lighter to press and does cause strain on my nails!!
I type all day long at work and press the buttons on my phone and it doesn't seem to damage them... Maybe it depends how heavy handed you are! :D
i took 'dialling the phone' to mean, those who still have dial type phones - not push button modern things. if you do need to 'dial' use a pencil or something![/quote]
Though you should treat your nails as 'Jewels and not Tools'... they are not Ming Dynasty Vases at the end of your fingers.
If dialing a telephone or typing on a keyboard is causing them to break... it will be a combination of:

  • Damaged product
  • Excessive length
  • Aggressive client

Remember that products are actually designed to break under certain levels of stress. This is to prevent damage to your nail plate.

Things like SolarOil and regular rebalancing maximise the strength and the flexibility of the enhancement so you have fewer breakdowns.

Hello there, i have sent you a PM with the aftercare advice i give to my clients. I give one copy to the client, and get them to read a copy and sign it for theire client file which i keep with their record card. This way i know they have had the advice and it is theire responsibility to adhere to it. Also if it was ever to be disputed you have always got it to refer to.

Hope this is of help.
Kind Regards
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