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Sep 8, 2010
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hi everyone...I was thinking of making some aftercare advice leaflets/cards for every treatment i do. Just wondering if anyone does this and does it work? Iv seen some for spray tans.

I always tell my clients the aftercare advice but i was thinking of doing this so they would have something to read when they get home, in case they forgot.

Any ideas would be great xxx
Yes, that's a great idea. Just make sure you continue to verbally go over homecare instructions with them in addition to the written instructions.

Get them printed on some nice cardstock with a reminder at the bottom for when they should book their next appt.
I really like this idea! Are you going to get them professionally designed/printed or do them yourself? x
I have a letter head designed for me to match my logo etc and I print them on that.
I have done a eyelash extension aftercare and also a nail one.
Thinking of doing one for every treatment, apart from waxing as I have the australian bodycare aftercare leaflets.
Yes that's a good idea as even when you tell them the aftercare sometimes they don't remember all of it. Having it written means that you have a record of giving them in and they can't claim to not know them. They'll also get the most out of their treatment too. :)
I have one for every treatment, I thought we had to anyway, thats what I was told during my training. I just typed them up but I do have headed paper that matches my business cards and leaflets and I love the poster's idea who has hers printed on her letter headed paper, nice one x x
Im going to do them myself with my logo etc on so they look professional.
Gonna get started on them tonight. Sure il forget something so il be asking everyone haha Also gonna put useful info for their next appointment such as exfoliating before spray tans.

Thanks for your ideas xxx
I give my clients one after their first treatment with me and I have it on my web site as well. I have it printed with my logo on and my phone number at the bottom.
Thanks sarzy, just had a look at your after care its very professional. That is something that i want to do for each of my treatments. thanks for sharing :)

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