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Aug 14, 2012
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I have a business assignment that is asking me the following question...

"You have a client who has an allergic reaction to a product she purchased from you. How would you deal with this?"

I would say stop using the product immediately and seek medical advice, but is there anything else I should do? Would you refund the money for the product? Recommend another product? Or just leave it as Stop using and seek medical advice?

Your help is greatly appreciated! xx
I guess you could refund the money, but surely it's not your fault that you should be out of pocket if your client has had a reaction??

I think I would say stop using and seek advice from her gp.

Tough one really, I've had reactions in the past with a few products, but it's trial and error and I've never gone back to the salons or manufacturers to ask for a refund. I've simply stopped using them AND in all honesty sometimes it's really difficult to actually pinpoint it was the product that caused the reaction in the first place? Anybody can have an allergic reaction to something at some point. It could be that she's had a reaction to another product but passing the buck???
Yeah that's what I thought. I wasn't to know that she would react when I sold it to her.

Not sure if recommending a new product would be smart either.. as it could be something in all of them that is giving her the reaction?
Here's what I would do....

Recommend she Stop using the product immediately.
Keep hold of the product if you can.
If the reaction is severe recommend she sees her gp.
You could offer a refund as a goodwill gesture, she may continue to use your services if she feels she's been treated well, but I wouldn't say a refund was mandatory.
Do not recommend another product.
Do not offer medical advice (unless you're a doctor/nurse etc).
Make enquiries with the product manufacturer as to what could have caused the reaction, and obtain a MSDS (manufacturers safety data sheet) if you don't already have one. Ensure you give them the batch number of the product, as they may wish to do some research themselves.
Of course! I didn't even think to give the product details to the manufacturer! I thought about the MSDS but most just state to stop using and seek medical advice anyway.
Stop using the product and seek medical advice.

If I have a picture of the allergic reaction, I give a refund which is then reimbursed by my supplier. I think it is good practice, but not mandatory!
I give a refund which is then reimbursed by my supplier.

That brings up an interesting point, when people are shopping around for skincare they should really check with their supplier what the protocol is for reactions like this. I know with Decléor I can send back products that clients have had reactions with, and obtain reimbursement, and it seems from your post that it is the same with Environ.
I use Dermalogica and if a client had a reaction or even if they just don't like the product I send it back to them and they credit me the money.

It client is going to be allergic to an ingrediant not product... So when people say ohh I'm allergic to Clinique that's a load of rubbish they will have reached to one product but just link that to the brand name.

I would recommend the seek medical attention and take the product with them so GP could test to see what they are allergic to
Thank you all so much for your help!! From having a one line answer of Stop using and seek medical advice, I now have a whole page!

This is why I love Salon Geek! :) <3

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