? and answer weekend ... Why do I get pocket lifting on my toenails?


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Mar 25, 2006
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Vancouver Island, British Columbia,Canada
I should start with a bit of back ground......I work out allot so my feet are always in sneakers......I have L&P on my toes that I do .......I do clients feet (L&P) and they have no problem at all ...........so my ?.....

I seem to always get pocket lifts on all but my big toe........what could I be doing different on me than what I do on clients?
I would take a guess at it being your pressure. You know how when you do any treatment on yourself, you're doing if from the other way around so you're not putting pressure in the right places, even though you think you are. I bet it's that. Let's see what the experts say........I'd be interested to know.
thanks for that Queen.........maybe so on the pressure........

I was thinking because of the friction within the shoe that is causing this....as I have double checked my prep and am extra careful......just cannot avoid this........so I decided to just take the L&P off of all my toes except for my big toes ( as I have no problems with them ) and to just have them "normal" and live with the polish peeling and chipping ......

and yes I use a base coat ( sticky ) and the polish usually last for about 2 weeks ( if that ) before I see it either peeling or chipping .......
I do my sisters.. She is always at the gym or running ((seriously has she no life??:)))
anyway i find that after 2 weeks her little toe and the outside corner of her big toe have the same problems you mention.. I have always put it down to constant friction and stress on the area.. perhaps yours is a bit of both.. too little pressure upon application and the friction?
I say it's the pressure too. Because L&P is hard and doesn't have as much give, I prefer to use a soft gel if I'll be wearing closed shoes.

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