Another Bio Sculpture question!


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May 18, 2006
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North CHeshire
I have nearly finished my first pot of bright pink... I can't remember if it's 2016 or 2027. The lighter of the two... the pot is at home and I'm not.

Anyway! A couple of weeks ago I put this on someone's toenails. Last weekend I did someone's fingernails. On Thursday I saw both people at the same time and the difference was incredible. I remember now that the same thing happened to me last summer when I was using the pink on my hands and feet.... that is, the pink was fading on the toenails. I don't do anything at all different in the application, but time after time the colour is fading on toes, but fine on hands. Any ideas?
some of the bio colours seem to fade in sunlight.
so i think it might be due to the exposure to sunlight. feet catch the sun more than hands because of the angle they are at . my feet always have really noticable tan lines on them from my shoes.

also could it be you are noticing it more because toenails tend to need less maintenance than fingers as they grow more slowly. perhaps you are renewing the gel on the fingernails often so they dont seem so bad ?
I put 2027 on a client and when she came back off her holiday the whole thing was WHITE:eek:no colour pigment left in the gel at all!

very odd !
Hell I dont know how to add bits from old posts to threads but there is a thread from a few years ago started by Minkus entitled bio fading in sun - it includes all the probs with 2027 - in short after a long time I got mine replaced as it was from a faulty batch which faded to near white very quickly ! Anyone clever who can insert it in this thread ? I can find the post but dont know how to quote sorry folks. HTH !
Cheers for doing that chick ! Technophobe here !:lol:
Well, I certainly found all that comment interesting. I know that it isn't sun, sea, tanning product etc etc on MY feet, because I don't do any of that stuff.... yeah... I know... I'm a boring c*w!

As this happened first of all last summer, I was a novice at the time and it was only on my own toes, just assumed that it was something I had or hadn't done. Will follow this through.

Thanks for your comments. If anyone has anything further to add... feeel free!

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