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Akzentz Geek
Apr 5, 2004
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This is one of my favorites:

A Supervisor in a Ball-Bearing factory receives a Memo from management saying that one of the 10 machines he manages is messing up, that machine is producing 9g bearings instead of 10g. The problem is that they don't know which machine is messing up.
Management gave him a scale and they allowed him to use it only once!! to figure out the bad machine.
After a few hours of thinking the supervisor found a way to solve the problem.
How did he do it?
Typical of the management, lol!
my god wot has mr geek started , i cant cope with all this lol , i was never any good at stuff like this , good luck to any of you brainy peeps that can figure these out , love dee :biggrin:
Take one bearing from the first machine, two from the second machine and so on. You will have 55 bearings...........Use the scales to weigh all the bearings you have taken from the machines.

Take away the difference from 550g..........divide by 9 and it will give you the number of the machine that produces the 9 gramm bearing................

;) Nice one Nailsinlondo :)
Good god nailsinlondon you are so good at these every considered mastermind,

way to go girl

Claire x
Me and my Mum used to do these sort of riddles for fun.................
I love logic problems, lol..................
Master mind never , not that clever lol...........
Sticking to being a Nail Technician, more fun lol.................
You definately have a flair for these Ruth, i'm useless at them, i always go right round the housesto get the answer.:D

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