Any ideas on discount vouchers?


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Oct 14, 2006
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Hi guys:)

I am after a bit of advice please!!!
I want to give out some promotional 20% off discount vouchers at various coffee mornings etc but am unsure of how to actually do the vouchers?
I wondered what other people used?
Is it best to get them printed by a company or do them myself? I would like them to look nice and professional but I have not got that much money to spend on them:irked:

Any ideas greatfully received!!:)
Hello Guys:)

Please please please help me!!!!:cry::cry: I am really unsure of how to go about this:!:

gemma try vistaprint, their colour postcrads would look great as discount vouchers and i think its 100 for free at the mo, you just pay p & p which is about £3.90, ive had them a few weeks ago, and the quality is fab, ill send you the email if you want hun, with the link to the offers

Also try doing offers where the client leaves with something in their hands.
If you discount you services, it's like discounting your worth and skills. Try a free bottle of cuticle oil with all new enhancement sets, or a small bottle of nail strengthener with manicures.
It doesn't have to be a lot, but then your service is still seen as prestige to the client, but they get a little pressie. Remember, it costs you less to buy than it's worth to them.
I used to print out vouchers on my pc. I have Microsoft's Picture it Publishing, but using Vistaprint is a good idea too, if you're prepared to wait a few weeks.

I have printed off my own vouchers for people. I'm not particularly gifted artistically, but I gave it a go! :green:

I just opened a new Word document, and wrote my own voucher for whatever I want. You can put your own logo on it, you can personalise the voucher if you know who the voucher is intended for (i.e. as a gift voucher or whatever). Basically you can put whatever you want on it!! Then when printing out I specified an A5 glossy paper to print on and printed on photo paper (which you can buy almost anywhere really cheaply these days!).

I thought it looked really quite snazzy and professional, despite being CHEAP! :green:

Wot do you expect from a Yorkshire/Scottish cross?!? :green:
Thanks guys!
thats some fantastic advice, I really appreciate it:hug:
if you have a publishing program such as microsoft publisher - there are some vouchers on thoses usually that can look pretty good!

Just remember to put an expirary date on them to try and encourage poeple to come back quickly and also you need some kind of numbering on the vouchers that you can cross reference with a log that you keep. This will prevent people from copying your design and making fake vouchers as you can prove who you gave them out to!

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