Any Mobile Techs in Mid Sussex area?


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Dec 12, 2005
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Fortuna, Murcia, Spain.

I am moving to Spain at the beginning of Feb (whooo hoooo) and am looking for a mobile tech in Mid Sussex area that could take a few of my mobile clients. They are mainly in the Haywards Heath and Cuckfield area and a couple in Hassocks! They are mainly Enhancements (Brisa or Nsi Balance) but I also have 2 monthly Creative Spa Manicures too. All ladies are willing to change brand of Gel/Manicure products if it`s not possible to keep the same as they are wearing. :)

If you are interested then please Pm me and I can give you more internet is going down on the 6th of this month so I will try and pop on every few days from a Wi Fi spot!!

I am working up until the end of Jan so would need someone from then :)

We are moving to the Costa Blanca area and I would love to hear from any geeks around Oliva, Denia, Javea and also Villamartin a bit further down as i`m going to be a lonely little geeky all on my own :cry: and would love to meet up occasionally to talk nails, work, life or anything really!!!!

I am hoping it won`t be too long before I can geek again (I have heard all the storied about how wonderful Telefonica are :eek:) as iv`e missed not coming on here much recently but it`s all been so manic with the move and working too that I just haven`t had the time!

Bye for now and enjoy New Years Day xxxx
Naomi - Don't go, I'm gonna miss you
Oh well....why didn`t you say before......mmmm shall I stay....................................................................................NOT ON YOUR NELLY!!

But I will miss you too xxx
Just to say good luck on your venture Naomi....i raise a glass of kir royale as i speak...:hug::hug::green:
Awww thankyou!
happy new year naomi

i wish you all the best for your new move
Wow Naomi, what a fantastic way to start the year .... good for you hunni! :hug:
why am i the last to know?...****great wracking sobs are heard****
wishing you all the luck in the world....maybe i'll come and join you!!!
Yay come and join me......we could be a team!!!
Thanks everyone for your kind wishes and speak soon Abi xxx

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