Any tips on what to practice on when using forms?


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Jan 27, 2009
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apart from real fingers! lol

Want to practice nail art but I only have those little plastic fingers from Ebay and the forms won't stay in place.

Thanks. :D
That looks great, will have to get some cash together first.

Was hoping there would be something I haven't thought about which was a little cheaper.
Oooh just had a search on ebay and I'm currently watching some at the moment. Fingers crossed! :D
how about some not too expensive tips? Even if you don't use them they might still be worth it for practising on?
The Arabella Fantasy Forms might solve your problem, you can get them from They are long flexible, reusable forms and cost around the £15 mark. :)
I used to put forms on those little wooden dowel rods and only make thin nails. They pop off easy and are reusable. Then you can take a florist pin (the kind with the wooden stake and a wire) and glue the tip you made to the wire. Poke it in some florist foam and put it in a decorative pot. That is what my avatar is--my handpainted art display.
The very best way bar none, in my opinion, for practicing sculpting is on a real live person.

Lets face it, sculpting is what you do every day on top of a tip except that there is no tip.

I trained all my salon techs to sculpt the following way ... it is easy, quick, practical and non stressful. EVERY time you have a client with one broken nail .. SCULPT IT to fix it. That way you get the chance to do one perfect sculpt at a time (instead of 10) and the time to do it right. Do this for a few weeks and you will be sculpting away like a pro.

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