Anyone ever had a lump removed from thier breast?


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Aug 23, 2007
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West sussex, UK
Firstly I have had alll the hospital checks and scans and the lump I have is nothing scary! I have had it a while and its gradually got bigger and bigger and is now 4-5cm across. Its a nusicanse because every time I have any discomfort in that breast I worry and, apart from that, because of where it is, it shows when I wear a low cut top and then get people saying stupid things like "ooh you have got a big old spot there":rolleyes:

Anyway after having a chat with my doctor he has reffered me to a breast surgeon. I am booked to have the surgery on the 13th December. Now all I can think about is, whats going to happen! Lol I am not even worried (yet) more curious!:smack:

Just wondred wether anyone has had this done. I have got clients booked on the 14th and I am planning to go ahead with it but would be great if someone had "been there done that" and could tell me wether Id be likely to be alright to work next day.

Yes I have, it was fine, however it if normally performed under a general aneasthetic so I would very much doubt you will be feeling 100% for a few days.

I have and was fine, was precautionary as my sister had breast cancer. I did have a general, a few stitches but after 3 days off went back to work and had stitches out a week after op. Just go with what your body tells you, everyone recovers differently. Good luck and hope all is well. xx:hug:
I would rearrange your appointments for at least 2-3 days following your surgery... any operation that involves the upper body will have an impact on how you work.
I had breast surgery a number of years ago (albeit slightly different to yours) and the movement restriction is enormous, we don't realise how much we rely on our arms (for example) just to get up off the sofa.
Hope you recover quickly :hug:
My mum had a none cancerous lump removed and was fine, hardly any discomfort but yes you will need a few days off if you are having a general as it takes a few days to get it all out of your system, so you will be tired at funny times of the day for a few days hth
I've had two removed from the same one
Thanks for the replys guys, I kind of assumed it would just be under local aneasthetic because of the size of it (only 4 or 5 cm), never really occured to me it could be general. Feel a little disheartned as i have never cancelled a client in my 1 and a half years of running the salon and to do it so near christmas :sad: Lol bet you any money I work just cos Im too nice to cancel :lol:

After this post I went to bed thining about it end result - NIGHTMARES lol!!!
Its good to hear other people have been through this (well - you know what I mean! :eek:) I am only 22, I didnt think Id have to worry about this sort of thing at my age!

Thanks for the good thoughts too. :hug:


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