Anyone use Lash base?


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Jul 14, 2010
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Hi Geeks,

Just wondered if anyone has used lash base? Their prices are really good, but just wondering about the quality of them?

Thanks x :hug:
Yeah they are fab. Best prices around and customer service is 2nd to none.

Only thing I don't use is their glue. (haven't tried it so can't comment).

Know quite a few geeks use them and all good comments about them so far.
Thanks elliebee, Thought they looked good so will give them a try!

x :hug:
Also Eyelash Emporium are very very good. Glue also is excellent there.

Just wanted to say, I use Lash Base, they are fab. Ordered one day and received the next, fab service and top quality, have just received their lashes and have used them so am just waiting to see what the durability is like, also cant comment on the glue as I have never used it and am too attached to my AH Francis glue. But combs, gel pads, prima pads, micro brushes etc all gooooood :lol::lol::lol:
I have just received my first order from Lashbase and they were fab! I ordered equipment only,, I.e, glasses, gel pads, micro-brushes. Really speedy service. I had a problem with the glasses, (the light was on the 'on' switch during delivery). I phoned and received new batteries the very next day!!
Excellent service!
Hi eveyone,
wondered if anyone has any recommendations on eyelash extension glue? Am currently using lash base and it doesn't seem to last.
can you help? :confused:
I am trying out lashbase glue and it seems to be brilliant, certainly had good returns!
I use thier other products to and love them!
The service, prices and products are good and the postage is super quick

wish Id found them sooner:lol:
I haven't used their adhesive, but have bought lashes, glasses, extra bits n bobs. Excellent delivery time. They say order before 2 and it will despatched the same day but I've ordered after 2, one time 3.30, and received my order the next day. Excellent!!! :green:
Just ordered some lashes from lashbase....was looking at their gel pads there were 2 kinds, which have you tried?? x x
Hi ,i use lash base products, and they are fab, I did my training with Julie, at southern school of beauty( Portsmouth)& the after training info is fantastic, so not only does she give me advice on the products to use, she also gives me lots more tips n tricks aswell, I would defo recommend .

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