Apilus cleo blend, is it worth it?


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Mar 25, 2011
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Hi everyone,

Thanks to many esteemed geeks advice, i have looked into upgrading to an Apilus from my carlton, Diathermy machine. I did speak to someone at hof but am still unclear regarding buying the Cleo blend.

I had a few questions which i wanted to ask?

Does the cleo beep once the treatment has been completed successfully?
If this is correct, why does it have a footswitch?
I ask as i have read somewhere that you need to concentrate on the insertion and cleo will start the treatment itself once the probe is in the correct place and beep then it is done. Is that correct?

Is there really a shorter treatment time with less pain if using Diathermy and blend?

As i am going to hire a treatment room for a few hours a week, i don't think i need anything too high tec but if the cleo is just a bit better then the machine that i am using at present then maybe i should seriously think about the Senior but thats a big commitment. Also i feel that it may just give too many options and get me too confused, hence Cleo would be a good starting machine.

Thanks for reading this. Look forward to advice.:eek:
Hi I have an Apilus Senior but have tried the Cleo Blend although a long time ago :lol:. The Cleo is a good entry machine and superior to the usual analogue machines you can buy. I believe that you can use all Apilus machines either manually (with a footswitch) or automatically, where the current is discharged if you are in the correct position. I always use mine auto. However please check this out with HOF if this is the case. Apilus are superior - no doubt about it (I have tried many different ones) and a great investment if you are serious about electrolysis.
Thank you essentia,

I know your one of the electrolysis guru's on this site so your advice is priceless. I will check once again with HOF but you have actually used the machine so can give me a better understanding of it. I did ask them to provide me with more information before i buy but i want told to check the Apilus chart and that only shows that cleo flash has hardly any superior treatments compared to the rest of the state of the art ones.

Did it take you time to get good at it? as i have a feeling i will need to train on it for a while before i get the hang of it?
I have had a Cleo Blend for a couple of years now. It simply out performs ANY other machine (unless you are talking about the other Apilus machines). Training is very good and on a one-to-one basis with back up whenever you need it. You really are working with industry experts.

I think I can only use it with the footswitch but that does allow you to maintain a really good threeway stretch. Yes. it does beep - when it has discharged the current so you can't overtreat the area and it does offer a true 'flash' because it is digital and not dependent on the speed of the operator to stop the current. (This is a discussion that has arisen on the forum before). You simply cannnot out perform a computer chip!

It also has the Coagulation programme for thread vein treatment. Probably the best machine I have invested in and has paid for itself quite quickly. I would love the Apilus Senior - and will probably move onto that when the Cleo is at retirement age......

PS - All the other Dectro machines are equally competitive in their field... if you use an Apilus you will trust the quality of everything else. HTH!
Hi Little Voyce,

Thanks for the advice. I will check older threads regarding the beeping to tell you that the time is up.

But am still a bit confused regarding the auto sensing on the cleo.

Once you insert the probe, does it start working on its own when it has reached the correct position and beep when it done?

I take it the footswitch is for manual application?
If it does work with a sensor then it will discharge the current to how you have programmed the machine. The delay time between insertion and current discharging may be altered on the control panel to give you the time you are comfortable with in order to get correct insertion. Just ask HOF to confirm if this is correct - however Little Voyce seems to think it may be manual. In that case they may be talking about auto blend when the blend will be computed automatically depending on the settings you programme, which you should be able to over ride if necessary (you can at least on the S2). Yes Footswitchs are for manual application.
I have the senior II and have never even seen a Cleo, so I fear I can't help you. So sorry!
I also have a dectro vitaderm - Blimey, is it earning its keep!
Thanks for reply Lynn. Wish i could afford the Senior II.
Looking at everyone's advice, i think i will get the cleo as my starter machine and see how i get on. Maybe one day!!!

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