Are there 3 layers to MINX?


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Dec 8, 2004
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Hi guys
I'm a die hard minx fan and have never come across this before.
Would be very interested to see if anyone else has seen this happen.
Lady returned after a week and a half - gold minx for hols - said she'd been in flip flops so no shoes rubbing etc.
Apart from about 3 nails which were ok the rest had dissapeared!
Yep the gold had gone BUT the clear part of the minx remained as they had been applied - strange but true! When I say this I mean it seems to me that theres 3 layers to them. When they've rubbed on a shoe or come back after months of wear the clear top layer seems to come away then there's the "design or metalic " layer if you see what I mean and now from this I think theres another clear layer?
Thats all that was left as applied! Weird!
Could the 2 layers just rub off?
I've never seen this before and have been doing minx since they first came out!
Baffled is not the word so any ideas would be great
Thanks all jayney m xx
ive been applying minx since the begining too, never happened to me either
Do you think she may have picked at them??? they dont just layer do they? x
Sounds like you used Base Coat. These rub off very easily as they are meant for layering
Sounds like you used Base Coat. These rub off very easily as they are meant for layering

Which ones is basecoats?? I haven't heard of those before.

I used the pink cheetah on my friend, and the color on the free edge dissapeared leaving a white stribe. I put it down to me not "sealing" it well enough with the glass file, actually I FORGOT, just used scissors (shame on me) So maybe same thing happened and your client picked a bit???

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