Are you afraid of Ghosts ?- Watch This


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May 20, 2005
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How many times will I fall for that.....LOL....about wee'd myself!:eek::eek:
Lol made me jump too.:eek:
Im actually too scard to watch it:eek:
Ah im sorry BeautyGuru.:hug: I dont mean to really frighten anyone just thought it was appropriate with a few more days to Halloween .... :lol:

Well I was prepared for it and I still managed to nearly spill my cuppa tea everywhere.
well...thats me of to the loo to change me underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.:)
omg my heart still poundin!!! i fall 4 em every time!!!
Even though I have seen it before I still nearly managed to spill my tea everywhere!
iam just sitting down again after i jumped off my chair!!!!!!!!! heart racing:eek::eek:
i knew that!!...i'm almost sure i've seen that already...

but still..almost got heart atack or infarct :D ....for a moment thought my heart will jump out of the chest :D:D:D:D ...damn...that always scarries me .... :)

(chuckle in panic) :lol:
put mug of coffee down, sat back from computer screen, waited for the 'fright' knowing it was going to happen...
Im still too frightened to watch...ill have to have someone hold my hand while i watch such a pansy at horror ...:eek::lol:
I new that was coming, had my hands over my eyes ready, but the scream still made me jump out of my skin!! I hate these videos!!
Me frightened of ghosts - nah - remember I'm an old witch anyway HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA HAHA done in my best cackly witch voice :lol:
That hilarious lol
I dunno what I was expecting. I was looking very hard for a ghostly figure. :green:
I screamed as it scared the ---- out of me and my little westie has jumped on my lap and is looking very concerned! Bless him.

I need a cuppa. :lol::lol:
Jules you b***er!!!!

Could you please post me a new pack of Tena ladies!!! PMSL !
OMG that scared the bejiggers out of me, I'm so gullable, there I am looking for a floating something - heart is still beating fast!!

I made my hubby and daughter to watch and they need tenna too!!!!:lol:
ok that was good but the prize still goes to that one where the kid got tricked into doing the maze with the exorcist girl in it. It was so wrong but so funny.
yep never going to heaven:lol:

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