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Oct 12, 2011
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So I have spent days trying to find this but without any luck. I want to buy a backwash sink/unit but without the chair attached. I have only found really expensive ones over £500 which is more than with the chair. Do you guys know anywhere that sells these pedestal wash basins?? Or will I have I somehow make one with a wash basin sink? The reason is because I want the chair to be de-attachable as I am using the chair for other things like eyelashes. Please! Any help greatly appreciated.


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eBay is a good place. I've purchase my furniture off there, there's some good bargins!! You've just got to keep looking.
Thanks! Yeah I've got everything from there except this can't find one single pedestal wash bowl under £350. Just don't really understand why it's that much when it's basically just the same as a wash basin from IKEA with a ridge in it.
I don't know where abouts your based but have a look at salon equipment centre. They do a ex display or used section too. Most things are still in great condition.
Have a look on Salons Direct under Furniture, Plumbing & Basins, Basins and accessories. They have individual basins there from about £85 without the stand/mounting but you may be able to source that separately. x
Having re-read your original post you've probably already found the basins alone, sorry not much help. Will keep my eye open though x
Thank you!! Yeah I did find the basins so guess I just have to figure out to do it myself. Just a million other things when opening salon space :)
320908366542 this one on eBay at moment.
Oh great! That's exactly what I mean. Will have to see if they courier to London.
130698618982 this courier is great! Cheap and collects and delivers all over uk. If you give both addresses or postal code they will give you a quote.
Thank you for being so helpful! Kind of wanted a black bowl but can't be too picky.
What about this one, it has a chair, but what about not attaching it! It's black too lol!! 200762143149
Yeah that's true! Could paint the pedestal. The chair is really ugly haha. Thank you for all your help!
Your welcome !!

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