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jerry rosa

Nov 20, 2013
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This is a ombre/balayage colour I did today I think it looks great use this as a reference and ask me how I did ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1385006282.064405.jpg
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For balayage I would take a few bits higher up, especially around the face to frame it but the colours are gorgeous! If you look up guy tang his work is amazing and not too dis-similar from this.
Gorgeous, wouldnt change a thing. How did you do it?
I really like it. But personally I'd take it up higher a little more(also take into consideration when hair grows out longer) other than that beautiful!
I would call this More dip dye then ombré or balayage. Ombré is more of a subtle fade and balayage starts higher up with a more sweeping effect. Nice colours though.
Ya everyone can learn from even viewing there own work, I agree balayage does start more higher more if an ombre but with a contrast, you could also take the end colour much darker and make it a tone on tone, thanks for the replys
This is lovely, good job!

What did you use on the hair?
Wella 4/0 gentle on roots to mid ends I used wella cool blondor 30vol and toner I used 8/71 and 7/89 gentle
This Is lovely id just bring it up around the face slightly higher otherwise she will be wanting the mids moved up pretty soon ombrés grow out so quick as it is x
Sorry ment to say this is defo ombré not balayage x
Hi would really like to know how you achieved this x
Ok so I apply the root colour first 4/0, and then I extended it to about the middle of the hair, then I just apply lighter on ends and sweep up toward the colour actually melting the two together then tone later on at sink. Every situation is different if she just came in the salon with a base colour already done I would probably back comb and apply

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