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Lavander Rose

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Aug 29, 2007
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Hello Peeps

JUst wanted to ask if anyone out there has bought any products especially facial products from beauty express, as I have been looking through the catalouge and was considering ordering from them.

I would be very gratefull for any advice or comments :)
Never had a problem with them, had stuff delivered to Spain too no problem.
I've got nothing but praise for them. They're really nice on the phone, reasonable prices and fast delivery.
Occasionally, it things are out of stock, it'll be sent out later without an extra delivery charge. If your order is over (I think it's) £75 -excl vat, delivery is free.
I use them regularly, and have never had a problem.
If you order online, they'll phone back later to get your payment details.
From my so far limited experiences I prefer B. Exp to Ellisons. They are much better with customer service, I placed an order for same day despatch. Called the following morning to confirm it had been despatched and to get tracking number. The day after that the same person called me back to check the order had been delivered and that everything was ok in it. Excellent service!
Never had any problem at all with them.Very fast,efficient,helpful and polite. had a small item missing from my order this week i rang them up and without question they are sending me the item asap.
Completely agree with previous posters. I have nothing but praise for them. The customer service is excellent. They are very friendly and helpful on the phone.

I think they're one of the best companies I've dealt with! :green:
thanks guys for all you replys

have any of you out there tried any of their facial products, it would be to use in a home based salon. or would you recommend me going somewhere else for that sort of product?...I have a budget but dont want to invest in anything in the bottom of the range if you know what i mean

replys gratefully appreciated:)
What is the make called?
I have just been looking at beauty express for products. I know there skin truth is nice to work with(we used it at college) I would suggest buying a starter package. They do a retail pack from £15.90 on page 49. I would be interested to know how you got on..if you do

I also used SkinTruth at college and thought it was quite good. It smells nice and the packaging looks simple and professional. I was considering using it for my mobile business but I'm researching before making my choice.
there is alot out there, I have some Priadora, but I am not that keen on it..have you tried Priadora?
moor spa have some nice products I got sent some samples and am in the process of using them. They smell nice and are nice to work with
HI Peeps

Thankyou for all the replys i was thinking about skin truth looks good, but wanted to know if anyone has tried Nature's Way? coz that looks good too i am looking into prierada too geees theres so many to think about lol... i dont want nothing too expensive as i will be working from home and dont want to lay to much expense out incase it goes pear shaped lol.

any more advise will be appreciated:)
Ohhh dont say it will go pear shaped,, more of an investment. If you went somewhere and the products smelled good and worked well on your skin...would you go back?

If you used products that were not so good, didnt work well on your skin would you go back?

There are small amounts of starter kits out there and yes it is a minefeild lots to choose from.

Maybe, grab a piece of paper, think what clientele you are likely or want to attract, write it down, look at the different age groups and see who offers what in the way of combining products and keeps it simple (to keep costs down)

I hope I wasnt rambling to much:lol:
You need to look at what professional only products there are in the ranges.
If there are none or very few, you aren't going to be able to offer a really effective facial that clients couldn't do themselves at home.
I understand you're on a budget, but it's a bit like buying cheap nappies, false economy. :lol:
Make sure whatever range you choose has really effective salon treatments, you want the client to leave feeling (and in the case of problematic skins look) like something has improved.
I used to get quite a few clients from a local therapist who used a bog standard bought from a wholesalers range. The customers would try my facials and products and really see a dramatic difference. It pays to get the best you can, and their are some really effective ranges out their that don't cost the earth.

Personally I would wait till the next big Beauty show and go round all the skincare stands. Ask them why you should be using their products, try out a treatment if you can and get samples. Then when you're back home you can asses everything and make an informed choice.
This would be the best way to make sure your business will be successful IMHO.:hug:
PM me if you want some help researching ranges.:hug:
I have tried natures way in the past.Its ok but maybe it's a mental thing because i knew it was cheap i just had no confidence that it would give results.
Do a search for Eve Taylor.I'm only a very small business and i just buy the retail sizes in most of her range.A lot of us use it on here and are very happy.

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