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Feb 16, 2007
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hey geeks,

i was just wondering what kind of trolley you all use?

I have a two tier trolley (shelved) but now have too many products for the amount of space and it looks untidy, what do you geeks use as a trolley?

Help much appriciated,

Becki xxx
I have a 3 tiered one I use its really useful I got it from you can take it down to 2 or Just one layer if needed too. Oh and its PINK!!

I totally misunderstood the trolly bit!!!!!!! HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!

Please excuse me its been a long day!!!!!!:lol::lol::lol:
Are you talking in a salon type room or mobile?
In a salon room,

In a salon room,


Well - what I have done as I had the same problem is to put a fixed shelving unit up so I only place the products I need for the treatment I am doing at that time on the salon trolley. All other products go onto the fixed shelving unit when not in place.
oooo clever - does it fit alot of products on then!?

I use a blue trolley on wheels which has 3 open shelves which I bought from somewhere like argos, think its meant for toiletrees or vegetables, but I used it in my son's nursery.
I have placed a tray on the top shelf of it and put talc, oil and stuff on it for the treatment that I am doing.
underneath I have an eye pillow and jade rollers.
bottom shelf has tissues and a couple of rolled up towels.

Haven't got a trolley in my 2nd room but would like a small white one like the one from Hive.

In one of the corners of the room I have a display case with a light in it. I have all my facial stuff on one shelf, my crystals on another, my aromatherapy oils on another, retail on one and my cups for cupping on the bottom.
lol i was imagining one shelf! i love it! is it a corner unit?!

lol i was imagining one shelf! i love it! is it a corner unit?!


Yes it is - they also do one that is half the height too, but has less shelves on so that is why I needed the taller one.
i might have to copy you...hehe
I was looking sat that exact one myself the other day and contemplating buying it to put all my facials products on behind the couch.

Does it take up much room?

I was worried about taking up too much room too and because it fits in the corner it only uses wasted space that you dont use anyway if that makes sense.

Feel free to use one too Becki - it works wonders for me.
I do this too. I have my 3 tiered trolley for the essentials and a seperate unit against the wall near me where i neatly store all my facial care, towels etc and some skincare retail gift packs. Saves space and keeps my trolley neat and tidy.
I have very limited room in my beauty room, so i purchased a spa couch which as a shelve under the couch for all my towels, and positioned a four teir shelving unit at one side of room which i keep the stock on, then have the trolley to put what i use of the shelves at hand. I keep all my accessories in organised boxes which are airtight and co-ordinate the room.

I am now trying to work out if i could have room and where for the corner unit! lol
I've just bought two of these and I'm thrilled with them. They're wide, tall and very sturdy. They have fixings on both sides for mag lamps and two drawers.

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