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Oct 19, 2013
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I apologise if this has been asked a million time but im trying to get some advice. I want to train to become a male waxer and im pulling my hair out (pun not intended lol) because i am finding it hard to find a reputable company online that will train me. Does anyone have any advice on how i go about this?

Kim Lawless offers accredited courses and comes highly recommend. Google her and give her a call.

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I've recently travelled from Scotland to Basingstoke to train with Andy Rouillard of Axiom.

He does ONLY male waxing and his training was the best I have had.

Only 2 students and loads of willing models. We were both qualified waxers so didn't waste a lot of time of theory. Just straight into the practical.

It was a VERY long day as we waxed all day but it was well worth it and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andy.
Male Waxing Training - Men's Brazilian & Body Waxing Courses - Axiom Wax Academy
I run a male grooming business and specialise in male intimate waxing. I did my initial training which was good but I then retrained several years ago with Kim lawless and her training really transformed my business to a higher level , clients love it , it's much quicker and works really well. Kim trains all over the UK.
Kim Lawless, Wax Queen, Brazilian Waxing Expert: Training Courses

Hth jack
I third Andy!

He's so lovely, patient and is very experienced in his specialist area.

I travelled for over 5 hours to be trained by him. Worth every penny.

You won't be disappointed if you choose Andy of Axiom.
I am not sure what you mean by 'online'. I am sure you could have found lots of trainers with a search online so maybe you mean to do your training online? That would not be a good idea anyway. Also I am not sure, by your profile, if you have done a basic waxing course yet?

Andy is fabulous and you would have such a good day with him with small groups so lots of attention from him during the training. Models are supplied too! :wink2:
I supply all male models and the male students can also be models for each other too, so you can experience being waxed. Kim Lawless, Wax Queen, Brazilian Waxing Expert

Salon Geek is a wonderful but a very small world Google the name of every male waxing trainer you've heard of and read reviews.
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