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Aug 1, 2003
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Hi everyone,

As I am a beginner and due to work cannot go to college, could ya'll suggest the best course for a beginner to take for the overall basics. I am looking into a Starnails course at the mo but wanted suggestions from the group. Thanks so very much xxx

Hi Casey,
Well, I'm sure everyone here will agree that the best training seems to come from Creative. You get continuous support and have the benefit of further training if you want it, which not many other courses offer. Of course on top of that you have Sam, Geeg, Samantha and all the Geekettes right here - all ready to answer any questions.
But hey, if after you've considered everyone elses opinions and are still not sure, why not go along to the show at Excel on the 7th and 8th of Sept. Have some demo nails done, talk to the companies and see for yourself what products do what. Hope this is of some help.
Well love,
Money is tight all round, so in oder to get the best for my money, I would go with a Company that has a proven track record in education, product support and after care service............

Well It has to be Creative, they have also won the Award for best Training.............

But check out Exel like Goria said, then you can compare and see what suits you and your purse .............
Some might be cheaper granted, but then after the training you are out there on your own, with creative you ar never going it alone, so to speak .........
Just my thought
love Ruth xxxxxxxx
I have to agree with Ruth on that one, Creative is the way to go. I have made the mistake of choosing a cheaper company but once I qualified I've heard nothing from them since :( .

I am now saving up to do the Creative Fondation course next year.

Hope this helps. :D
Creative all the way!!! Just booked my Foundation Course with them, cannot wait! The products are a dream and the course is soooooo worth the money! You pay to train with the best ;-)

Hi Layla,

When are you doing your Foundation?
Hi, Im doing mine in october... the 6th, 7th, 8th n 23rd..i think..somewhere along those dates!!! Im doing it @ Loughton. Although I gota phone them up tomorrow, somebody phoned up today while I was out asking if i'd prefer to do it at the Chelmsford location!

Hi Casey

Welcome to the board. If I had known about creative i would've trained with them first! At least you are doing your homework, which is good. Me, well i was computer illeterate until about 6 months ago, still not that brilliant now lol there is a wealth of knowledge out there, and especially on this board, now I can't get off the thing!

Sorry, I digress, just to say, check out the costing too! You may think Star nails is a good option, but does it include everything you need? how much are you going to spend on products, double your training costs and that will be about right! i know, I've been there, and am now hoping to do a conversion course with creative! Obviously cost isn't everything, find out more about the companies and support offered after training, as the other girls have said, what better place than at excel when all the companies are under the same roof!

best wishes
Suey x
such big hugs and thanks to you all!! the best thing ever was to join this group. guess i know which direction i'll be going in now, creative! extremely hot happy august days to everyone.

casey xxx
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