Best Shellac 'nude' colour for weddings


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Apr 13, 2012
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Hi all,

I am new today and am fishing for a bit of advice.
Pretty much as soon as I had finished my shellac specific training I found out I was up-duffed with twins. At the time I decided not to start offering shellac as pregnancy was tough. The twins were born at 27 weeks and since their birth I have been a full-time mummy.

I am now thinking of getting back to the odd bit of (mobile) work and one of my first requests is a nude shellac shade for my friends wedding. I now have a second hand CND lamp (i will upgrade when i start serving the general public!) and a small selection of shellac shades including Romantica.

We tried romantica and it's a bit too pale and cold. Can any of you recommend a warmer nude or a colour to layer with romantica to create a more 'peach' nude?

Thanks ladies.
Hi and welcome! Congrats on the babies, too!

For a beautiful nude Shellac, do one coat of Iced Cappuccino with one coat of Romantique over it. It's FAB and I feel goes with most skin tones.

Best of luck! :)
Thanks I'll give that a try!
I was going to suggest iced cappuccino aswell it's lovely and the perfect mix of subtle and glam :) x
Iced Cappucino with Beau over the top is gorge aswell xxx

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I've done cocoa with ice coral over the top for weddings. Looks lovely x
Beau and Negligee are pretty too. I think Beau is a warm pink and Negligee is a cool pink. I use them and Clearly Pink. I use one coat of either the Beau or Negligee followed by one coat of Clearly Pink.
Cocoa with Moonlight & Roses is beautiful. xx

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