Best way to do short, very wide nails?


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Mar 16, 2010
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hiya guys!
ive got a lady coming for her nails at 9:30 this morning for acrylics, she has very short, and very very wide nails! what is the way way to do her nails? scuplt or tips? any advise id much appreiciate as im still traiming and want to make her nails pretty! and shes coming in just over an hour! eeeeeek.
thank to anyone who replys qickuly lol
RAchel x x
well depending on your level of expertise really.

i would see how big her thumbs are first and see if you widest tip fits.

if it does then you have the option of tipping which will probably give he nails a better contour as this shape of nail are often flat too.

if it doesnt then you can either tip all the fingers and sculpt the thumbs
or sculpt all of them. tips done well are better than sculpts done badly and vice versa.

i would recomend you use a coverage pink to extend the nailbed area to help give the look a more slender appearance and avoid aking your smile lines to straight asthis will add a horizontal line through the nail that will also broaden th appearance.

really all depends on your skill level but generally speaking a natural nail of this shape will always improve with enhancements whatever you do, just try to have in mind the finished result and go about things to acheive the look you want.
how did you get on?? Did you take any pics?

I still havent braved extending the nail bed with coverage powders as im not sure how different they are to the sheer pink to work with and im not 100% confident with sheer at the moment as i had a few months doing no L&P and have lost my confidence in mix ratio etc. Id like to give it a go soon tho. Would be interested to hear how you got on :) x
well it was a bit of a nightmare! i sculpted the two thumbs because they were too big for my largest tip. one of the thumbs just looked horrendous and the other looked okay. most of the others were okay too but i just wasnt happy with the overall look. they just looked all a bit different. in the end i didnt need to reverse sculpt because she only wanted them really short anyways and her nail beds wernt as short as i had previously thought them to be. i did reverse sculpt on a set last week though and they looked fab at the end. i love how i can make the nail bed look longer :lol:

Rachel xx

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