Brisa technicians in Bristol -none -good or bad news?!


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Jan 23, 2005
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Hi, people!
After much research, I've decided to go for Brisa training. I'm in Bristol, so i've contacted CND, they've directed me to my local trainer and because there are no courses in gel available soon, I'm going to have a one to one course for 4 days. The cost is £xxx including VAT, kit and lapm -is this a good price?
But then I never had a set of Brisa enhancement so I thought of giving it a try before I do the course. I search the internet and nobody came up with Brisa. There are a few with Biosculpture, but that's about it. I've called some salons to ask, nobody offered gel. CND gave me the namber of some people they had in their database, I've called them but they don't offer Brisa anymore. I went back to the trainer and asked her and she could recommend somebody she has trained perhaps in the area. NOBODY.
Can you believ this? What's going on? This can only mean there a big gap in the market that I can benefit of or -which is probably more likely -there is no demand for gel extensions.
OPINIONS please????

If there aren't any techs local to you using Brisa then get yourself on the course ASAP, it's a fantastic gel which is not only hypoallergenic but it is mega strong, basically it's Retention+ in a gel form.
The results from using Brisa are amazing, it retains clarity with no yellowing EVER and gives beautiful enhancements whether using tips, sculpting or NNO's :D
Cathie! is the lady to ask about the Bristol area. If she isn't using Brisa herself, I'm sure she'll know who does around there.
Thanks for your advice, emailed Cathie, she uses Exflow.
Is £xxx a good price?

Hope! based just outside Bristol is a Brisa Master tech! I know she'll be back to work with a few clients soon, why not send her a PM?

The current gel trend, in my part of Bristol anyways, is for soakable gels, but that's really only because a few of the well established salons offer this as their sole enhancement service and that's what the ladies chat to each other about!

It's always best to be an all rounder imo, then you can offer whichever system to match your clients needs, although I know that in your circumstances Julia, you need an odour free system.

I am also trained in Brisa gels!

Good luck, you'll really enjoy your course, especially as it's a 1 2 1.

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