broken natural nail can anyone help?


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Aug 30, 2007
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doncaster s yorks
i have spent the last 6 months growing my nails after biting them for nearly 26yrs i have broken one and would realyy like to know if you could help me maybe fix it? i have uv gel and thought maybe just putting an overlay on would do it? really not sure what to do with it as you can see (if the pic has worked) its going to be painful if it comes off xxx
wow that pic came up big!
I know jessica nails to a repair a nail kit, you can buy it from click on on the essential bar and arrow down. I think they cost £2.75 plus P&P..:hug:

Emergency first aid plasters for nails.
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Well I have to say amazing nails you have, well done for stopping the biting :) I have broken my nails like this between enhancements and just applied L&P over the top which gives it time to grow out :hug:
Well I have to say amazing nails you have, well done for stopping the biting :) I have broken my nails like this between enhancements and just applied L&P over the top which gives it time to grow out :hug:

i would also do this as i have broken my nails before and applying l&p on them gives it time to grow out and protects it....well done for growing your nails after being a bitter for sooo
I would say that nail is crying out for a fibreglass or silk wrap to be honest.

Regardless of what system you usually use, a wrap will help bond where its broken and will look and feel most like the natural nail, as oppsed to an overlay. The fibreglass will add the strength needed to help the break grow out, whereas certainly gel probably wouldn't be as strong, and I feel you would find the gel breaking again before it has grown out.

You can then treat the nail as normal and do not have to overlay the rest to match, or can add your chosen overlay on top in the future if you want to.

if you aren't trained in fibreglass, maybe another geek closeby would help. I also attached a tutorial by our fab fibreglass guru, Ruth, to give you more of an idea, abeit this is for a broken corner..
i tried putting a layer of gel over it and its all lifted off and to be fair ive ended up picking at it.
sat with a plaster on at the min are there any geeks that can help im getting very desperate!!! i do have some l&p but not trained in it so would like to avoid doing it myself if possible xxxx
I'm not a trained nail geek, so this is only my opinion. Wouldn't a plaster keep in moisture and maybe make it go soft? I know you don't want to catch it, but be careful you don't do more damage with the plaster.
Hope you get it fixed soon and so don't stress!
Marion x
Nails that are broke like that need a fibreglass wrap and then an over
lay of either L&P or gel hth
Oh what a shame :( I have a torn fingernail as of today too (on my thumb) but my tear is higher up. I'm just going to wait for mine to break and then they all get the chop.

Last time this happened I was naughty (geeks cover your eyes) and put nail glue on the break, filed excess down & put nailpolish over the top (please note I am not a nail professional - don't try this at home!). It worked great for a few weeks but every time I took the varnish off I would have to reapply the glue. I got sick of that (and the worry of breaking my nails all the time) and cut them all.

Your break is in a bad place - I would follow the adv of others & get an overlay just for that nail & let it grow out. It's one thing to have to cut all your nails because of one break but it's another to let it tear more and then suffer the pain. It's not worth it.
hey Laura

just a thought but could you try *garfield* she lives in doncaster and im sure she does fibreglass, maybe she could fit you in to repair it for ya hun

or do a search on the member list for other geeks in your area hun and pm them


I agree with Zingara

A fibreglass or silk wrap is definately the way to go

Hope you get it sorted real soon and well done for stopping the nail biting
hi guys x this is a old thread x i lost my nail in the end im now sporting a nice new popit nail! lol :lol:
thank you for all your ideas though :hug:

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