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Oct 19, 2011
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There's nothing like hearing about a 17 year old winning Yorkshire's Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition to make you feel like a bit of an underachiever, but once we get over that, we can't help but be enormously impressed and happy for Ashleigh Young of Harrogate, UK.

Owner of Belles and Beau salon, Ashleigh won the prestigious award after beating a field of 250 applicants. Ashleigh trained with CND and uses all CND products and attributes this to some of her success.

Ashleigh, who's personal hero is Amy Childs, says, "My win was a dynamic combo of knowing exactly what I wanted to do, using great products, exceptional training and working alongside a company like Sweet Squared who is always there for me no matter what."

Sweet Squared took time out to congratulate Ashleigh with goodies and flowers. "Ashleigh has proved beautifully that there is no such word as can't!" says Samantha Sweet. "She is an amazing example to her generation and to us all; we are so proud of her."

From all at Salon Geek, well done Ashleigh. You go girl!

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.


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Well done to this very smart and hard working young lady! 17!!! Blimey! What can she achieve by the age of 30? :D
So inspiring! Well done to her xx
Wow! 17? That's awesome!
This is an amazing achievement. She is an inspiration to everyone in this industry.
Definately an inspiration. Just goes to show my lazy 17 year old daughter really does need to start training & learn money doesnt grow on trees !!!
Looking forward to the up and coming BeautyUK exhibition at the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) in Birmingham next month when I can take her to see whats on offer ;)
You can't teach this kind of passion and enthusiasm! Some people have entrepeneurial spirit and some just don't. Well done Ashleigh! Inspiration to us all!
Am very proud of her!!! :Love:
Skys the limit ay! Well done to her!

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Well done to her. x

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