Calgel Premier Status?


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Debbies Gellies

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Oct 24, 2004
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SE Kent
Hi ya, Have any of you passed the Premier Status Exam in Calgel ? if so, I would like to know what you had to do. Many thanks. X:green:

PS I would still like to hear if you didn't pass but tried.
Do I take it that NO ONE has had a go at the exam then:rolleyes:
Sorry Debbie I dont do Calgel, only Bio Sculpture but I didnt even know it existed.
No not me, i'm still not a confident sculptor.
Thanks, by the way anyone know who won the Calgel Gala Nail Comp last month?? Thought Calgel would have put out a newsletter about the evening etc.
No idea but I was wondering this too
Hi Deb and all. I am doing Calgel Training next month(cant wait) so am interested in any info....I hadnt heard there was an exam to be done to go up a status, but I did read about the nail comp and ball..
just had the details sent through about this - have they ran one already?
It was 30 september Amber...:)

It was in the newsletter i recieved when i enquired about calgel.

I recently passed the Calgel premier status course back in november.

I went to Luton to complete the course. Very demanding and the nails have to be completed to winning competition standard. Hard work but very rewarding. Trainer was excellent!

Hope this helps

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