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Sep 16, 2003
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barnsley, south yorks
Hi all,

can anyone give me some advise i'm at the end of my tether.
I have only been doing nails since march (creative) and was getting pleased with my results. That was untill yesterday, I did two girls one i know, full sets white tips acrylics. 3 weeks ago. I have been on holiday only for a week and seem to have lost everything i had learnt. anyway did there infills there was a bit of lifting but i got rid of it. They have both tex me to today and each person as lost 1 nail, Now i have to go tonight and put 1 on each. Apart from feeling absolutley stupid, when i get there. 1, what have i done wrong 2, i much do i charge for this.
When you say (or they say) lost one nail .... do they mean a whole enhancement just peeled off???, or do they mean they broke a nail?

BIG difference. I suspect they are getting used to their enhancements after a few weeks and perhaps getting careless with them. Or maybe they are a bit long. Why on earth are you blaming yourself? Have none of your clients ever broken a nail before?? Some times it is just bad luck if a client breaks a nail so soon after a rebalance, but 'that is how the cookie crumbles' sometimes.

Of course Charge them what ever your normal call-out charge is, plus the repair . YOU didn't break their nails ... they did. Nails don't break unless they have an impact with something ... end of story.

It's just bad luck that they both broke a nail but that is the way it goes sometimes, doesn't mean you have lost any skills.

Get your business head on instead of your emotional one and stop worrying. Please!!
i have to tell you about a client i had a couple of months back she was such a pain but i applied enhansments for her after a consltation during which i warned her because she was a nail biter that if she put her nails in her mouth they wouldn't last. two days later she rang the salon to say three were missing, i told her to come in and i'd repair them for her free of charge as i thought it was something i'd done. as soon as i'd seen the nails i could see she had bitten them all the remaining nails had chips missing and were starting to lift and she swore blind that she hadn't bitten them. my collegue then asked her how she lost the nails she said they just popped off when she was watching tv :evil: . i'm sorry i had to laugh as did my collegue. :p she also had the cheek to return two days later having lost two more nails, i charged her for them this time. but i decided i didn't need clients like this. she also insulted another client who was in the salon at the time (thankfully the lady came back since and i got to apoligise to her). i tried to handle this suitation in the nicest way possible but with some people you really feel like killing them esp. if they are there for a full set. and try not to let these people knock your confidence i nearly did but so glad i didn't let her bother me :D .
as i say you can only get better and keep up to date with your training.

I have been in exactly same situation as you recently. Qualified in the summer, going along OK, then suddenly when opened my salon, the amazing dropping nails appeared :!: I have done 20 sets + on friends, friends of friends, and they are ALL ON! I think that people see a new salon and try things on a little, especially where they have had problems elsewhere, as someone wise said to me, it is easier for someone with problem enhancements to go to a new salon than to go back to the old :!:

That doesnt stop me getting emotional either, but I am getting wise. Geeg has been brilliant advising me ( you will see some posts from me on just the same subject), and extremely business like, sometimes when we work on our own, we take things personally. Get good advice and stick to it :p

Good luck with your nail biters!!! And "Pop offs"!

Thank you all for you replies it gives me such a confidence boost, I went along to put these nails on when i got there they both told me how they had been out all day and night and very drunk. Both can't remember how they had come off but both had snapped off at free edge.
so i felt a lot better didnt feel was as much my fault. This is a little annoying I know but these are nice girls who really like having nails, so I have to do my best to keep them. But with them both calling next day i thought it was all my fault, like lanails says when you work alone you can take things personally. Anyway they had already booked in for infills but tonight asked for two other friends full sets on same day so happy days!!
sorry geeg lost it for a day then but hey! ho! tommorrow i will be brand new i promise x

oh! just 1 more thing i reckon i should give the first lady a discount or something or a gift what do u guys do
NEVER give a discount.

Say thank you with a gift. Cheap for you but valuable to her.

In my opinion, Your work is not worth less today than it is tomorrow. NEVER discount. Even the word sounds cheap and devalues you as a technician and gives the public all the wrong signals.
i really had to reply to this one because i too was once in that situation. When i started a coupleof years ago i had 2 clients and very little confidence (this was prior to my creative course) and a very poor product!!! The first client was a friend of a friend and was a compulsive nail sucker!!! even when i was doing her nails she as sucking away at the fingers of her other hand, but me being polite and terribly naive told her as pathetically as i could of all the damage that could occur and of course she didnt listen so every time she called to say they had come off id toddle of round as soon as i could and give her a free set. i felt so disheartened every time i did them, i thought it was all my fault but it did eventually give me the ability to stand up and say hold on a minute this is bad for me and a bad advertisement for my nails and she was told very firmly but nicely that i would no longer put xtensions on her nails, after alot of firm talking she finallt agreed to just have regular manicures. But it did'nt all end there i mad the foolish mistake of letting her convince me she would pay the week after and the week after and the week after. she ended up owing me an absolute fortune, then she wouldnt be at home for her appointments. it was all an absolurte nightmare but it made me more aware of how easily people can take advantage of you and it stopped there. She mssed one last appointment and still sucked her nails!!! so i refused to go back that was my only option. I learnt the hard way, i know but it gave me the kick up the bttom i needed!!11 :oops:
Just wanted to reply to Geeg,
You say never give discount, but discount is ok if you are a doing a speacial offer/promotion yes??
Or am i reading this wrong? :oops:
Just wanted to reply to Geeg,
You say never give discount, but discount is ok if you are a doing a speacial offer/promotion yes??
Or am i reading this wrong? :oops:
I just hate the word discount ... use any other word you want but I would never discount my service price EVER.

Give a gift or whatever, but don't discount YOU. You are a professional. Do you know of any other professionals that discount their service? Do you see your dentist or doctor or lawyer doing it??? Never.

Discount service to me means cheap service. Maybe others feel differently but it costs you too much money and gives off bad vibes. I would think ... oooh she can't be doing very well if she can afford to knock x number of pounds off her price! Or she must charge a hell of a lot if she can afford to knock x amount of pounds off her price. Maybe she isn't very good. etc.

But giving a gift for example .... a bottle of Creative colour might cost you 3 pounds BUT your client sees it as a gift worth 6 or 7 pounds to her. But 10% off your service charge will cost you 4-7 pounds depending on your price. what a difference!

My opinion.
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