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Jun 15, 2010
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I wonder if any of you have been on a threading course that you could recommend?

I'm in Lanarkshire so anything in Glasgow/Edinburgh or thereabouts would be good.

I'm looking for somewhere that not only teaches how to do the threading, but has a good explaination of how to do the brow shaping. (I've had threading done myself quite a few times and was amazed at the difference the right eyebrow shape made)!
it would be great to hear from all you geeks in the know x
Hi there
I'm organising training for myself and my colleagues in this through sallys salon services. We'll be doing it before Chrsitmas hopefully so i'll let you know how it goes. With regards customer service and responding to queries they are very good and helpful

Some feedback once you've been on the course would be great!

Guess there's not many courses currently available up here! It's a shame as I much prefer threading to waxing for my brows/lip but not much available in my area (hence the reason I was thinking of learning).

I currently go to one of the big stores in town where they have girls in to do in but
1) It's VERY expensive and
2) I hate having all the shoppers stand and gawp while I get my 'tache threaded!

It's embarrassing enough without having an audience

Just to give you all a laugh.........
I was teasing my 14 year old son the other day and said "Oooh, you've got a little moustache. He gave me a withering look (as only a teenager can do,) looked me straight in the face and said, "so have you"
hahaha brilliant. Kids can be sooo cruel sometimes eh??!!

Yeah I'll definately give you feedback, we have those thredaing places here too, two in fact in different shopping malls and I love threading over waxing as welll but I just couldnt bring myself to have it done in fornt of heaps of shoppers. Plus knowing my luck one of my stduents would walk past and see me - complete embarrassment!!
the scottish beauty school at hilligston glasgow do a 1 day course in threading. you need masses of practice after that though to get the hang of it. also watch youtube tutorials some of them are really good.

good look

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