can you develop an allergy?


hi geeks, i know this question has been asked before as i have been checking out some previous threads, but i just wanted some fresh opinions.

I qualified in april, and only done a few sets, on friends and on myself and had no prvious problems whatsoever. Yesterday i had my first paying client, woo hoo, things when fine i was quite chuffed with them actually, anyway this morning when i got up my hands have been itching, and im getting little white blisters on my hands, around the fingers and a few on the palms.

I use OPI Clarite and have had no problems what so ever before, i once even spilt monomer and got it all over my hands and had no reaction at all. The only thing different this time was i used a different glue to the one i used previously, so my question is could this be the source of my reaction?
And do you think if i changed it back it would get worse or is it a case of once you develop a problem is it always there?

Don't want my career over when its only just starting!

Any advice, suggestions and comments welcomed!! xxx


Are there different ingredients in the new glue, if so then it could be. But I would go back to the old glue and if the symptom's continue then see your doctor.

Helen Keating


Sorry to hear that you have this prob but there could be many reasons.. one could be over exposer to your skin or many more.. i would advise you to wear gloves when carrying out treatments until it has completely cleared up. Then be very careful with all products.. use one product IE the new glue just put it in a few tips that your hands are in contact with .. as the glue should never touch your skin all you need is to be in the vapors from it then see how you are after a few days.. the same with the other products...

All i will say is that after 15 years of carrying out nail treatments i wish that i had worn gloves from day one as the products do take their toll on your skin...

Good luck HTH.

H x


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That is the thing about overexposure ... it takes time and repeated exposure and then (what seems to be out of the blue but really isnt) you become allergic.

Once allergic always allergic and odourless systems are some of the most allery causing products around because youconstantlyhave uncured dust on your hands. Same goes for gel becauseit is so sticky.

You will have to wear gloves (nitril are the best NOT latex) FROM NOW ON OR CHANGE to a different system (not odourless).

Missy G

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YES YES YES AND IM SUFFERING..sorry to shout that out but I started using acrylic back in October 2007 ,now Ive had an allergy since about March,the day after Ive been near acrylic my hands itch like mad swell up and it lasts for about two days.

I put vaseline on my 3 fingers I hold with the brush , then tape them up with flexi wrap, unfortunatly the acrylic still gets to other parts of the skin , Ive tried Nitrile gloves but I just keep putting my nails through them,and my right hand still swells up on top !!

Ive taken an antihistamean tablet today before treatments,Im gonna see if that helps in the morning..but I can feel one of my fingers tingling already.

My problem also is I went to the docs a couple of months ago for some cream, and the creams thinned the now its even more sensative!!I have thought about doing a conversion to gel but Im just getting the bloomin hang of l&p and I find thats what most people want.:grr: