Capping the edges with Shellac


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Jul 8, 2013
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Do you cap the edge on short nails? I find difficult, I seem to take off the product when I clean the skin around the nail!

Also I sometimes find I've capped the edges with too much products and there's a build up under the nail! What am I meant to do, file the build up off?
I always try and cap on every client. short nails can be more difficult due to the lack of free edge so I use an old nail art brush to remove any product that might have gone on the skin. Just make sure you warn the client that they may/may not last as long as they normally would. Majority of the time they last just as long as anyone with longer nails :) xx
Finger nail fixer on YouTube has good techniques for capping the nail!
You could try pulling the skin back and brushing polish on in the opposite direction (tip to base). Your brush has to be very lightly loaded though. :)
We don't really 'cap' with Shellac ... We 'seal' the edge with a thin swipe of the brush while painting.

If you find it difficult to seal on very short nails, one trick is to use a nail sculpting form. Place as close to the free edge as possible to protect the skin while painting so that you can seal the edge as you paint. When you seal it is quick ... Done at the same time as painting and there is no build up of colour along the free edge.
Geeg what's the difference between capping or sealing please? Good tip with form I've got a client I'm going to try that method on x
Hi I have a nail biter interested in having her nails painted with Shellac.
Only this is there is no visible free edge as she has bitten them right down below the top of the finger. Sealing the free edge would be very messy as I would just end up painting the top of her finger. What would you advise?
I find a good trick is to point the brush towards you and push the brush towards the free edge (while holding the skin down at the top of the finger with your other hand), this seals the edge. then turn the brush back around do your shellac strokes as normal to smooth it out.

Does that make sense? :/

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