Changing from plain white to pink tips


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Oct 19, 2007
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ok so looking at the glitter tips on here i spesh love the baby pink ones!!

i normally apply the french fin and apply white powder and make the tip pink. would i...


Apply the french fin, in a seperate dappen dish mix some coloured (glitter) powder with a clear powder and then apply like normal by dipping my brush in the liquid ect????

I was just abit confused on how much of the glitter colour powder i would use and add to the clear powder for them to look good?

Ive just done my nails with the french fin and white powder and liquid for the tips but really wana do them with a cute baby pink powder but like need the guidence for brill smile lines that the french fin does but dont wana take the off and stick a new set of fins on.. it wil be so hard to just go over my existing set with a powder colour cos they will look waay to thick wnt they :-(

what do you girlies think i should do??? xxx
I keep reading fins and no offence hun but I can see shark fins stuck to your fingers in my mind lol... I think what your after is the correct ratio of glitter to powder? and your sculpting the tip?

Glitter to Powder ratio is 4:1 (4 measurments of clear powder to 1 measurment of glitter) and just pretty much use this mix in place of where u would normally use the white powder on a french set, your still making a "french set" just with glitter tips rather than white.

You also never go straight over the top of your existing set, always file down as you would for a Re-balance, or file off the tip completely and sculpt on the new glitter tip.
You can't just go over your existing set, they would be to thick.
I think French Fin tips are a mega cheat, even more so then normal white tips. Your not going to improve your smiles if you're using them, they'll become a crutch.
Using the french fin with colour isn't going to work because you'll have a coloured tip & white smile.
eh............whats a french fin???
eh............whats a french fin???
Have a look at the link I put in.

It's basically a white tip, but the smile line is a raised fin so you have a barrier between your pink/white L&P.

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