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Feb 20, 2004
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I have a client tomorrow who has been wearing Gel Sculpts to help her grow her nails. I am going to remove this tomorrow, as it has been on for three months. The trouble is most of her nails are now perfect, however, two or three are somewhat shorter, due to breakage.

I'm not sure what to do now, her initial aim was to grow nice nails, which to a degree she has. I have now changed gel system, although I will be removing her gels, her two or three will be much shorter, I don't think she will be keen on having them all filled down as the short ones are quite short. Option two is to put gel on all of them, she likes french look, and sculpt the short ones. Only problem is we shall be waiting for ages for the others to catch up now. Option three take them off and file down add treatment and await even growth. Any other ideas, and what do I say when she sees Gel system has changed???

Why would you want to remove product after 3 months, unless I see any problems occuring under gel,any lifting etc. I would just file down thin and apply gel whether french or natural until the other nails had grown up, this really shouldn't take long, all my clients change to two weekly appts at this time of year due to growth rate. What is the clients aim? does she want her own natural nail without any overlay or does she want to continue with an overlay. You have obviously changed your gel product for good reasons, so you promote this to her,it shows your client you are contuinually updating and looking out for the best products on the market. I would file down, leave a thin layer on the nail and prep as normal and apply your new gel, sculpting the shoret ones to create balance although discuss with clients as I have had the odd client who prefers just to leave the odd nail short.
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my opinion would be to present the client with the three options and see which one she's comfortable with.
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