check out my cool nails!


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Christie's Nails

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Jan 11, 2003
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Hawaii, USA
I have been wearing simple pink and whites all summer... felt like getting crazy..
This is Young Nails glitter (color is called Stratosphere) with clear acrylic.
I sculpted this hand so that you could see the glitter under the free edge. I did not even want to attempt to sculpt my right right hand has tips.
I love it!

those nails are beautiful, gorgeous colour and gorgeous smile lines. your a very talented lady.

like them a lot :thumbsup:
Hi Christie,

What a superb blue!!!! I love blue!! :D Fantastic nails!!:thumbsup:
I know your problem with sculpting your right hand!!! :rofl:
wow, how cool are they, if only.............
blue is my favourit colour, and I just love glitter, I just can`t seem to manage to do it. I think I need a step by step in bimbo language
Christie's Nails said:
I sculpted this hand so that you could see the glitter under the free edge. I did not even want to attempt to sculpt my right right hand has tips.

Fantastic Christie :salute: .....oh to have you talent :(.
wow christie those are fab very nice work :thumbsup:
Beautiful work ! Love the blue. :thumbsup:
Wow fab Christie as allways ;)
Take care Dawnie xxx
Best work I have seen you do so far Christie. You should be proud.
I am really working at this. I have been getting tips and advice from Tommy. It was awesome to just see him work when I was in Las Vegas last month. I got alot of help from him and Greg (Young Nails). Sometimes just knowing what I am supposed to be striving for is a huge help.

I want to compete in January at the ISSE show in California in the Salon Success comp.

I am extremely critical of my work. As soon as I was done with my nails I saw things I wish I had done different and wanted to soak off and redo.... I didn't..this time. (I did soak off one hand last time I did my

I only want know? Is that too much to ask???
Someday baby...
they are gorgeous!
Hi Christie, .........a truly beautiful job you've done there :thumbsup: I know what you mean about being your own worst critic... I'm having probs with my sculpts at the mo .........but I wont go there :oops: You will do fantastic in your next comp. :salute:
christie u really are an inspiration to us all !

Take care

wow christie you are fab, i hope i could manage to do nails as good as that one day .you really are very talented good luck if you enter the comp .
Those smile lines a smiling like a competion winners smile..............

Good luck in the Comp...........
That blue is so cute...............
I wonder if they do a purple like that?????

Brill work as always
love Ruth xxx
well worth the wait christie... they are fabarooney!!!! i love the colour.
WOW Christie!!!

Your smiles are fab.....very "happy"nails!!!!!

Young nails glitter rocks!!!

wow christie what can i say but wow :shock:
they are fantastic well done to you babes! hope i get as good as you one day! what a set of nails 8)
nickki jonesx

I think those nails are beautiful. Love the colour and the fantastic smile do you create such a fantastic line??? I'm in need of advice. I cant seem to get mine to look that good

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