Children's hairbrushes


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My daughter has medium bob length hair which is very fine, I find it tangles easily.

More recently she has asked to have her hair up, half up half down due to the length of her hair.
Anyway I am finding the hairbrush I use not very good for this.

What do you use on your children or recommend?
Is a paddle brush the way forward?

Thanks geeks

P.S we are currently using a Denman styling brush.


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I bought my niece a tangle teaser. it's really great for getting tangles out. She used to hate getting her hair brushed. My sister also uses it on my 10 month old niece. She says it's the best brush she's had for them. And it's aright pink.

I don't know how well it'll do for putting hair up though.


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Thank you for the suggestions I will have a look at the link now.