Christie!!!!!!! Your Orchid Tutorial!!!!


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Jan 30, 2003
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Christie, your orchid tutorial is awesome too! :thumbsup: I saw it while checking out your site AGAIN!!! for the hundredth time at least!!! lol Girl you continue to amaze me. Thank you so much for showing us how to get your awesome style of florals!!!! :flower: You rock girl!!!!!!! :fro: Keep em coming!!!!
Luv ya Lovett!!!!!

oopss..heehee.. I was getting it ready because someone asked for it...I wanted to add a couple more pics though..
Then someone asked for a butterfly so I thought I would hold off on posting on beautytech until I had abutterfly too.
And in the middle of all this I got a bad cold so I slept all day yesterday and didnt do anything... :pale:
Hi Christie
Your nail art is so cool ;) I would just like to say thank you as I have just started out with nail art.......and boy you have inspired me no end.
I am a dab hand at the old Hybiscus now lol.
So keep the designs rolling in.
Cheers Dawn xx
I am so glad that my lil tutorial helped ya!

I don't know what a "dab hand" is but it must be a good thing! LOL
Hi Christie...i love your nail art and i would like to give some of them a try . I am one of those who asked for the butterfly...cant wait to see it!! :D Im new at nail art also and i just cant think of anything the way you do :huh: I wish i had your talent...and i have to say this.. when it comes to free hand nail art, YOUR THE QUEEN :thumbsup: You know how everyone wants to be Anna when it comes to gels? LOL..well when it come to nail art ..I WANNA BE CHRISTIE! :goal: You should really consider makeing a video , i think it would really go well ;) Have a nice day :rainbow:
Hi Christie,

I must be the only person on this board not to have visited your site. Your work is amazing and soooooo inspiring. I hope you don't mind but I'm trying to copy a number of your works (most of them actually!). I'll assume that you don't :D

By the way, I think that freehand is leaps ahead of airbrushing especially when you see what can be acheived (sorry all those that love their airbrushes dearly - no offense meant).

You just keep rocking babe, and get all us other would be nail artistes rolling!!

Very merry Dellie :shock:
i so agree with you can see that much more effort goes into handpainted designs, and it does show you have good talent. Plus most people do appreciate handpainted art more. (in my opinion, no one shoot me!!)

Im after an airbrush soon though; 5 yrs of handpainting nail art!! Think its time I tried my hand at something else! :D

Christie, I too have just looked at your site. Your nails are great! ;)
I was just wondering the following...
1/do you normally use gel or acrylic
2/do you prefer to sculpt or do you use tips?
Please forgive me if you've been asked & have answered these questions before, I'm new to this site & haven't come accross it :D

I normally use acrylic for nail enhancements. I use tips and sculpt depending on the clients nails.
Glad you enjoyed!
Let me tell you what I love... your Hawaiian surfer designs, your little fun stick men BUT most of all I love the 'LadyBug' - absolutely fab xx :thumbsup: :goal:
Those are ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs!!! lol
I did copy those from real petroglyphs found here in Hawaii.

Thanks Mrs.. ;)
I am sitting here with tears lol - :D I am so sorry but you have to admit that that is really quite funny - my intentions were honorable!!! but petroglyph is a long word so I think you should use 'stick men' from now on lol :rofl: :rofl:
ok, from now on..."cute litte stick men".
I am sure the local Hawaiians will wanna start calling them that too!
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