Christie's Las Vegas Nail Art Entry


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Jan 12, 2003
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Dubbo, Australia
Hi All

Anyone seen Christie's fab entry yet that won her 3rd place??

I'm dying to see it........
Me too.....I hate waiting......been waiting for months to see what she was doing :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: .....come on already :x
Absolubtely fantastic!! Feelin' all tropical now , lol! ;)

No wonder she did so well, they are fantastic. Oh if only......
Wow Christie! Well done :thumbsup: You are an inspiration to us all :salute:
Aaawwwwwww - those are FAB!!!

Just LOVE those 3D flowers!

Well done, Christie!!!

Kx :D
The detail is just out of this world.

Well Done

Divas Nails :D
wow they are wicked,you must feel so pleased with your self.i would be!
wow ur talent is amazing!!!! well done
love trace xx :D
Those are realy amazing

well done christie :salute:
WOW!!! What was the designs of the 1st and 2nd because they are fantastic Christie inmy eyes they would have been 1st place!!! They are fab ill keep practising but theyll never be as good as yours fab fab fab!!!

Lou xxx :D
Just been having another look at Christie's nails...wonder how long they took to do??? And did she have to do the extensions as well!!!


Christie! I knew you'd place!

Just beautiful work - as usual. So proud of you girlfriend!

Thank you so much! I am pretty happy with how it all turned out.
We had 2 1/2 hours to do everything. I just barely finished. Did not get to do some of the details but I had to get the top coat on. I think I finished with like one second to spare. It was really fun. I am definitly going for it again. Might get a little addiction

I had a great I am back home and looking at 3 days of 10+ hours of work. It is okay.. I will rest when I am kidding.
I am already thinking of the next comp.... yup too late...already addicted..
Beautiful nails Christie!
Love the 3D ,I have a :?: do you make the attachments before hand or do it all during the compitition and how long did they give you?

They are so beautiful, the detail just amazing.
How did you do it???
Fantastic as always, you have outdone yourself there Hun

Love Ruth xxx
Great job Christi, they are fantastic. A great big CONGRADULATIONS to you :D :) :D
Absolutly beautiful. I love the 3D flowers.
Christie, you are amazing, just like your nails!!

Can we have a tutorial on them please!!???!!!? Kidding!!!

Well done, I proudly boast to all my clients that you came 3rd in the Nail competition & I've printed your entry picture off & its hanging in pride of place in my nail room. (I'm trying to inspire my customers)
Sawadee Ka

Picture of nails very beautifull have any body pic of nail take place 1 and 2 i think christie have very beautifull nails i look her web many time .

Kop khun ka mui
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