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Crazy Geekette
Jan 10, 2003
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i'm sure there was a post about this before but i can't find it !!
my problem is i have clear tips and when i file out the contact area and apply gel or acrylic i can see where the clear tip starts can somebody please give me some help

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You have to have no free edge at all, take out most of the contact area then blend in going down to a very soft file so tip becomes transluscent again. I don`t think you can just put it on cos you will edge of it. There was a post about it a while back, but its so hard to find old posts isn`t it.
Maybe sam should come up with a search facility, lol, as if he doesn`t do a brill job already
Debbie...there is a search! Look to the left of your screen, on the navagation box, it says "FAQ, SEARCH, MEMBERLIST" etc


well I do hold my hand up to being a bimbo don`t I?
There`s probably loads more to this site I don`t use, I can never get past the posts
Hi ya Crazy baby.........
This is what you where looking for, Antony posted this a little while ago........Did a search and up it came................
Antony wrote:
whenever i apply a clear tip, i remove the majority of the well area first, i work on about a mm of contact. pre beld the tip by filling over the surface of the well, this will reduce filling once on the nail. i'll then apply and blend the tip. when blending a glass tip, remember to graduate your grits down to a white block, you want the nail tip smooth again, this is the only way you cankeep the clarity. also your choice of clear tip will determine the finished carity. some cheaper tips can still have a cloudy appearance when finished. i know with ezflow tips the glass tip will remain transparent after product application. now you also dont have to blend the glass tip. if you decide not to blend you want to use a little more resin and allow a TINY amount to seep onto the natural nail to seal and clarify the join. this works with full or half well tips or our new precision glass with a cut out smile line
Well there it is hope this the key to clear tips for you.........
love Ruth xxxx
thanks ruth

that is what i wanted

thanks for that ruth x
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