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May 16, 2009
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Hi geeks
I have been mobile spray tanning for the last 3 years and very busy with it which is great..... I started doing eyelash extensions (trained just after Xmas and renting a room upstairs in a really nice beauty salon) that I can make up the shortfall in the winter when tanning quietens down a little....bookings are coming in nice and steadily....

With the tanning I get the odd cancellation but always well in advance especially as I am going to a clients home but I'm really fed up with the amount of cancellations I am getting with the lashes....I know it's nothing to do with the application as getting great feedback but lately I'm having a bad run of last minute cancellations (thankfully no 'no shows' but not far removed from it)
Is there anything I can do to prevent this? I know some geeks will suggest requesting a deposit but I just don't think that works and/or it will put clients off...also my prices are very competitive....

I've just given up my part time job to concentrate on the two treatments... and suffering a sudden panic attack...

Thanks for reading
I don't u don't want to but asking ur clients are deposit or a cancelation fee is the only to stop your clients from last min cancellations! Don't be walked over x
Ask for a 50% non refundable deposit up front :)
How do you do that when bookings are appointment only and taken over the phone?
Of they cancel you send them an invoice x

If you do patch testing on your eyelash extensions could you ask for a 50% deposit when they come in to do the patch testing?

I dont do eyelash extensions yet but this will prob be my plan when I do!

Have you tried sending a reminder text etc

Good luck

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