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Apr 1, 2006
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Any other geeks like me who love getting their orders? I always love opening the parcels and having a smell or a try out of the products. Even if i've paid for them and they aren't presents! - is this just me??
Just opened my order and i've got a lovely cosy comfy nail pillo, it's lovely and i'm so pleased I got it, I wasn't sure whether to get it or not as it seemed a lot of money, but now i've got it I love it, far more professional than a set of rolled up towels - plus used with nail tech pads - no laundry which is fantastic for me as mobile now.
Also got some new Scentsations loving the smells - got cranberry on now yummy!
Also a Shellac marketing kit......I only wanted the leaflets and booklets and pin badge - so have the posters, window cling etc spare as mobile not sure if my car would look right with the posters etc lol!.
Any way just wondered what other geeks love getting/opening product wise?
Choccy x x
ps please feel free to move if i've posted this in the wrong bit x
I too love getting my CND order. I was uber excited about the last delivery as I ordered my first sheet of minx and a new shellac colour which I couldn't wait to use! I really want to try the new magnolia and mandarin scentsation. Ooooh how I love getting a box of goodies!
Rhiannon x
Yeah I have to admit when I first opened and got my hhhhuuuuge order I was SO excited I was like a kid lol my partner actually had to tell me off a few times 'just open one at a time!!!'
Yeah I have to admit when I first opened and got my hhhhuuuuge order I was SO excited I was like a kid lol my partner actually had to tell me off a few times 'just open one at a time!!!'

I've got visions of you with a room full of boxes all half open with the little polystyrene bits everywhere! :D
Rhiannon x
Haha that was pretty much how it was! Partner watching on in disbelief at a grown woman happy clapping and tearing through boxes lol very sad!
Im imagining you sitting like Monica from Friends when she opened all the wedding presents. Lol
Lol my nick name is Monica lol quite similar with the OCD and competitiveness :)
Not sad at all! it's fun - hopefully the enthusiasm about the products will rub off onto clients and encourage them to book new things or try something new :)
I got the Blooming meadows Scentsations set and they smell lovely, and look pretty too.
I'm trying to sort out a basket of goodies I can take to clients houses for retail, as it's something I haven't really pushed since going mobile, and am aiming to change what is in it regularly so hopefully they will be tempted to buy something each time they have a treatment, I can re order things if they want something the same any way going a bit off topic there!
x x
Ha, noo it's not just you!

It's like Christmas, or being a kid in a candy store - you don't know what to open and try first :lol:
New orders give me a real buzz! Ha ha yes i love to clap with excitement too. When i first got mu cnd uv lamp everytime i went passed it id give it s little rub/cuddle!!! I now give it a little tap of appreciation lmao!

Those little polysterene bits in the box get everywhere in excitement dont they. I recycle them.... Well my son does for any school art projects or pictures hes making love him!!

Enjoy your goodies lovey x x x
I know, it's so exciting isn't it, when a big order comes through . . . sometimes I'll take delivery while a client is there and then I try and speed up as much as I can to get them out the door so I can look at my new goodies :lol:

Ive not done Shellac yet but when my Bio-sculpture order comes im the same, soooo exited if ive ordered new colours, I did see the hand rest you said you have and i thought that looked good, as you have confirmed its worth money i may have another parcel to get exited for ;)xx
I am soooo glad I am not the only one who sits down with a cuppa and opens my goodies like a healing ritual lol x
The sight of those polystyrene bobbles is awesome!! My latest CND order is arriving in the morning, excited much!!!!
I received an order on Tuesday and I was so excited about it I posted a photo of it on Facebook!
Rhiannon x
I got an order on Tuesday too. Was literally waiting by the window for Mr Delivery Man, got way too excited and opened the door with a massive grin on my face before he'd rung the bell, like a complete weirdo!

Then ran into living room and ripped it all open. Too exciting and I didn't even buy THAT much (got free delivery though haha).

They ARE presents though :D x

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