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Apr 5, 2010
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Hello i am new to all this and also not computer friendly so not sure if I even putting question in the right place. I am a mobile hairdresser. I have a client who is has white bleach highlites on 3/4 head with natural brown bout base 5 thru back bottom, she now want (wait for it) thick stripey dark slices thru top omg I said is she sure but yes she is sure, should I go in with a semi first time or go straight in with a 5 I use Loreal bit worried it will slip off????
You have a couple of options.

You can foil in and double step it by filling first with an 8 red orange with low vol ( semi or demi) leave for 15 min then wipe it dry and apply the desired shade strait over....process as usual

I find with this method, there is substantial drabbing as the filler drops out over a couple washings, but should maintain the desired level well enough

Or cheat a little and use your grey coverage line and apply as you would for 75%-100% ....this will do all the work for you if you use a preblended line, as it is formulted for the missing underying tones.

I use this method alot and have always gotten good results, and it saves alot of time.
i would use dia r 4.15 with dia developer, it has enough warmth in it to knock out khaki tones and has good depth!!:)
thanks alot I doing color today will use the diacolor as client too tight to pay for extra col as first geek suggested thanks tho.XX
I would drench the hair in porosity balancer, dry in and then go in with your desired shade from your grey series (as mentioned above) but I wouldn't use any higher than 3%. I always get good results this way.

Be prepared for fade though, I generally drop a shade to ensure longevity.
:rolleyes:Hmm...dont you love the 'tight' ones
I generally explain to them that there are also 2 ways that they will have to pay....either $15 extra for the pre-pigg at the time of color, or back in three weeks for an entire color at $58 because it faded faster than normal. They are usually ok with adding in the

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