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Oct 27, 2006
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I have to purchase 2 chairs before the 1 December. This is when I start in my new venture/career working in the hair drssers at my very own table!
I have bought the table, got an order of £350 to put in with Ellison's next week, have ordered all my sanitation off Mundo and got many more bits and bits. As you can imagine, seeting up all of this is costing loads..........oh did I mention I was going to Leeds too! Well I am after some good temperary chairs. I haven't got the funding to get the salon ones straight away. I can't get to ikea as its in Bristol and I have to start watching the dosh abit.
I was wondering what some of you are using that will serve me for awhile until I get some money back to be able to get the salon chairs
Many Thanks xxxxxxx
I know this is not helpful in the light of what you've said, but you need a comfortable chair, ideally height adjustable with an adjustable backrest. I personally don't think the client's chair is so important, after all, they are not working, and they are not sitting on it all day :)
maybe I could just get mine then,,,,,,,,,,,
I use computer chairs get them from staples
I have a cheap computer chair from Argos. It's height adjustable & the backrest is also adjustable. Only cost about 15 quid, been using it for 5 years now in the salon, 4 days a week, 7 hours a day with no problems. As long as you adjust the height of your chair so that it suits you & you can work comfortably theres no need to spend loads. You can always invest in a "posh" one when you have built your customer base up , having said that we are currently in the middle of a refit in the salon & as I am quite attached to my chair I will be sad to see it go & be replaced by a "posh" one!! But hey ho! I'm sure I'll get over it!

Good luck for the 1st!!!!
hi sorry dont mean to be thick did you say you were going to leeds ? go to the ikea there it easy to find i have seen some chairs i like there too good price.
Yes I am going to Leeds but I wont be buying chairs! lol.
I have one in Bristol which is about an hour and half from me but I haven't got the time to get there before I start. Will look online at the Argos site and puter chairs. Thanks everyone for your help xxx
kirsty i have a computer leather chair, (height adjustable etc) it cost £29 from makro i think, thye have them in argos , staples, b & m shops like that, tesco had some a while back with little footstool i think about £35

now i only use it in the ouse while practising etc since im mobile, but it is so comfy and i do think that you at least , should have good comfy chairs, since you will be sitting and working all day, the clients chair isnt as important because they wont be sitting in it all day ,long, obviously a nice cushion or something will help on their chair, but deffo sort yourself out hun

nicky xxx
Thanks Nic. I have been looking online and now just need to clarify a colour to work in with the lady's colour scheme at the salon.

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