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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Hi ya girls and guys.........
Well I never thought that I would be a virgin again lol.......
Well 2 kids aso...............

But Faye and I are Competing at Exel in the natural nail wraps section...
Now here is the question..........
What are the judges looking for?????
This is all uncharted Territory for us and any tips and tricks and hints would be appreciated...........
Will will be visiting Liza too, so get the kettle on Hun, we will bring the Biscuits...........

Boy we are so exited and want to give it our best.................
Fabric# is the best there is, but a little help might go a long way.........
love Ruth xxxx
hi ya ruth
will be there rooting for ya!! will also want to see if i can catch up with liza do you know what times you guys are competing are people allowed to spectate? think i will be spending sunday and monday there this year!! theres so much to see i didnt have enough time at olimpiya
i was wondering if anyone knows what the score is with the seminars? do you have to get a separate ticket for these or is it just a free for all? does anyone know if there are any seminars going this time round???? ooooo cant wait!! :D nickki jonesx
hiya ruthie :D
with regards to what the judges r looking for;

consistency, consistency, consistency!!

it took me a while to realise that even though my finished nails looked "prettier" than the winning set, they didnt win because they werent as consistent across the board :?

so, start looking at your nails in a new light.
even the best nail techs would not have time to do a set of PERFECT nails in 1hr 30 mins(average time for new set of nails)

by perfect, i mean every aspect is flawless. the type of aspects you will b judged on are;
consistent length (i measure with a pen mark on an orange wood stick)
" c-curve(easier when youre using tips)
" apex (they shine a light down barrel of nail, try it)
" smile line(better they r shallow & the same, rather than deeep
& inconsistent.
clarity of pink & white.
surface shine( use a new girlfriend buffer on each unpolished nail.)
polish(1 hand) must be creme red, & immaculate.

competeing will change your perception of your work.
after every comp. my time for each client increases temporarily, as i cant get out of "perfect" mode :shock: !

you will gain so much, whether you win or not(but i think you have a great chance)

hope this hasnt put you off :!:
lol liza xx
Thanks Hun,
Yes will be taken the torch to them
I know one hand has to be painted red, and the other left clear??????
If it's left clear, how do I enhance the smile line............she has great nails, but will have to check this one out..............

All comments taken on board, thanks Hun, but will still pop over to you if it's ok ???

Lots of love Ruth xxx
hiya nikki
the tele. no. for professional nails is 020 7610 3001.
their website is
phone them to get tickets & ask about seminars.
phone creative & ask if any of the guys r doing any, as the creative ones at olympia rocked!!
we will b competeing between 10 oclock & 1.30.
usually you can watch, but not get close.
the best time for you to participate is when they announce the winners etc. this usually takes place at about 4pm. however this can change so listen out for announments.
c u there
lol liza xx
hi ya liza thanks 4 the message about seminars ! i already have tickets as they came in the post a while back but i didnt know if you had to get hold of a different ticket for the seminars :shock: or do you just go on in at the time specified? desparate to get to see a creative seminar keeping my fingers crossed that there will be one on!
will definatley come and see you competing at excel (and you ruth dont think you can hide!) good luck to both you girls im sure you will be fantastic!
nickki jonesx :D
Hi Ruth

Just a word of encouragement to you and Faye

Go Get em Girls!

Good luck to you both I'm sure you'll both shine. I would love to give it a go myself, but am not sure I will finish in time :rolleyes:

hiya dellie
u mentioned not finishing on time if u competed; you are given 2.5 hrs to complete a full set, which is longer than you would spend normally.

however you definately need all this time :D

there are ways of speeding up your technique(see the tutorials on the links board on faster finishing ).
you could also book in 4 some 1-1 with your nearest creative educator.

competeing is a great way to increase your awareness, & stretch yourself.
if u continue to progress in the comp. field & gain some trophies, then even better, but initially is should b veiwed as a way 2 gauge your skill level & to improve.

lol liza xx
Good luck Ruth and Faye. Can't wait for Excel and wish you all the best in the competition.
Good luck Ruth and Faye,

Not sure if I'll get to Excel, but I wish you all the best and would LOVE to see your pictures!

All the best,


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